New Jersey Policy Perspective produces independent research and analysis on policy solutions to advance social, economic, and racial justice. From data-driven reports to policy briefs and explainers, we work to provide lawmakers, legislative staff, advocates, community leaders, and reporters with the facts and figures behind the most pressing policy issues facing the Garden State.

New Jersey’s Tax Revenues Continue to Lag

Tax revenues in most other states have returned to pre-recession levels.

Making Paid Family Leave Work Better for Working Families

Too many New Jerseyans are missing out on the benefits of paid family leave.

A Step Forward on Corporate Tax Subsidy Accountability

As we move forward, real reform must come from the legislature and governor.

NJPP’s Ray Castro on Medicaid Block Grant Proposal

Dangerous proposal could harm hundreds of thousands of New Jerseyans.

Six Reasons the Governor’s ‘Fairness Formula’ Must be Rejected

To read a PDF version of this report, click here. Gov. Christie has proposed a radical change to New Jersey’s school aid formula that would dismantle four decades of efforts to target school aid to districts that serve concentrations of children from poor families. Labeled the “Fairness Formula,” [...]

NJPP’s Gordon MacInnes Discusses NJ’s Biggest Economic Challenges

MacInnes sat down with host Lisa Allen on a recent episode of As a Matter of Fact.

For #GivingTuesday, Support NJPP (First-Time Gifts Will Be Matched!)

You can make the difference you want to see in the Garden State.

Repealing the Medicaid Expansion Would Reverse Health Coverage Gains & Deepen New Jersey’s Financial Crisis

Proposal would cause over a half million residents to lose health coverage and cost the state about $3 billion a year in federal funds.

October Jobs Numbers: The Slog Continues

New Jersey still has not recovered all the jobs it lost in the Great Recession.

NJPP’s Gordon MacInnes on Latest Credit Downgrade

NJPP's president talked to Chasing News about New Jersey's poor financial health.

New Jersey Falls Further Behind as More States Raise the Wage

Voters approved measures that will boost the pay of 2.3 million low-paid workers.

A Roadmap for True ‘Tax Fairness’ in New Jersey

There are plenty of reasons to have hope that we can advance a tax fairness agenda.

2016 Ballot Questions: Vote ‘No’ on 1, ‘Yes’ on 2

New Jersey’s two ballot measures deserve close attention.

Removing All Undocumented New Jerseyans Would Harm the State’s Economy

To read a PDF version of this report, click here. New Jersey’s economy would suffer a substantial blow if all of the United States’ 11.3 million undocumented immigrants – more than 7 million of whom are working – were removed from the country. In fact, the loss to [...]

Income Growth Doesn’t Stop Tired ‘Outmigration’ Claims

The story of an alarming "exodus" of income is highly questionable at best.

EITC Expansion Would Provide a Crucial Boost to Hundreds of Thousands of New Jerseyans

Expanding the EITC for low-wage workers not raising children is a vital step to increase economic security.

New Jersey’s Lackluster Jobs Recovery Continues in September

The Garden State has the 8th slowest jobs growth since December 2007.

The Tax Cut Package, By the Numbers

Most of the benefits go to the state's upper-income and upper-middle-income families.

Wealthy New Jerseyans to Gov. Christie: Preserve the Estate Tax

Eliminating the tax would be "a travesty" and "a short-sighted mistake."

Big Promises, Few Answers on Casino Expansion

Is casino expansion all it’s cracked up to be? The short answer is “absolutely not.”

Five Reasons to Vote No on the TTF Tax Package

Both houses are set to vote on the reckless and inequitable package Friday.

Reckless Transportation Deal Will Exacerbate Inequality

NJPP's president says the "sweetheart deal" will reward a fortunate few families.

Transportation-Funding Deal Endangers New Jersey’s Future & Fails the ‘Tax Fairness’ Test

The tax cuts would cost the state approximately $13 billion over the next 10 years.

NJ’s Low-Wage Workers Need More Than a Six-Cent Boost

The state's minimum wage will rise to $8.44 an hour on January 1.

Inadequate TANF Assistance is Contributing to Poverty Crises

This safety net of last resort is failing thousands of New Jersey’s poorest families.
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