New Jersey Policy Perspective Offers Research, Analysis, and Advocacy that Can Help Families Reduce Debt

Op-Ed: COVID-19 Highlights Racial Inequities in School Funding

Report Lays Out ‘Devastating’ COVID-19 Racial Disparities in NJ

New Report Finds Black, Brown NJ Residents More Exposed to Coronavirus

Is Pennsylvania Ready for “Drastic Impact” on Health Care if Obamacare is Repealed?

Affordable Care Act Before Supreme Court Puts Health Coverage at Risk for 800,000 in NJ

NJ Ballot Question 3: Should Redistricting Be Delayed By A Late Census? What You Need To Know

KIPP New Jersey students will learn remotely until January after network delays reopening classrooms

Feds: Amid Pandemic, NJ Economy Plunges 35.6% During Q2

NJ Gov. Murphy Pushing Law to Expand Abortion Rights

Reproductive Freedom Act Aims to Protect and Expand Health Care Access in New Jersey

Governor Lowers Earned Income Tax Credit Eligibility Age to 21

Phil Murphy Goes From Progressive to Trenton Deal-maker. Just Look at His Budget

Governor Murphy Expands Earned Income Tax Credit Eligibility to 60,000 More New Jersey Residents; Credit Also Increases to 40 Percent of Federal Credit Under New Budget

Property Tax Relief, Pensions, Tax Hikes, Schools. What’s in Store For You in the New N.J. Budget.

To Fight Covid-19, Address Inequality, and Boost Recovery, NJ Gov. Signs Millionaires Tax Into Law

NJ Budget: Legislature Sends $32.7B Budget to Gov. Murphy’s Desk

NJ to Extend Earned Income Tax Credit to More Young Adults

NJ Policy Perspective Announces Jennifer Fekete-Donners As New Development Director

Democrats called this year’s budget transparent. It was, by Trenton standards

A Lack of Budget Transparency

Nearly 1,400 Public Comments Submitted To The New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission On Proposed Regulations To Expand Access To Driver’s Licenses

Deal Reached in N.J. for ‘Millionaires Tax’ to Address Fiscal Crisis

NJ millionaires to pay more in taxes in long-awaited policy victory for Gov. Phil Murphy

Statements on the Budget Deal – New Jersey Globe

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