NJPP’s Ray Castro is Number 26 on ‘Power 50 Health Care’ List

"Castro has set himself apart from the crowd with his reports," NJ Biz writes.

Published on Mar 21, 2017

New Jersey Policy Perspective Senior Policy Analyst Ray Castro yesterday was named the 26th most powerful health care figure in New Jersey. He – and Joel Cantor of Rutgers University, with whom he shares the spot – ranked far higher on the annual list published by NJ Biz than last year, when they came in at 48th.

“Their work may be more important now than ever, shedding light on the next upheaval in the health care industry as Congress works on replacing the ACA,” NJ Biz writes. “Castro has set himself apart from the crowd with his reports on the effects of out-of-network policy and the changes slated for Medicaid. He has become even more of a source for industry officials as ‘a data guy’ to lean on for insight.”