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Proposed Tax Package Would Dig New Jersey’s Hole Much Deeper

Proposal would cost the state about $17 billion over the next 10 years as the price for finally enacting a gas tax increase for essential transportation capital funding over the next 8 years.

Shorter-Term TTF Plan + Much Larger Tax Cut = Bad News for New Jersey’s Future

This bill will have far-reaching negative effects on the state's ability to pay for essential services, contractual obligations and key investments.

NJPP’s Gordon MacInnes Weighs in Against So-Called ‘Tax Fairness’ Proposal

Dueling Senate and Assembly committees worked against the clock to get a complex cluster of tax hikes and tax cuts to Christie’s desk before time runs out.

Crucial Cash Assistance Improvements for Struggling Families Move Forward

Never in the last three decades have we gotten this close to actually doing something about the alarming problem of deep child poverty in New Jersey.

Estate Tax Elimination Would Put New Jersey Out of Step with Most of Our Neighbors

Instead of raising the threshold to help relieve “smaller estates,” lawmakers seem determined to give away the farm - making New Jersey an outlier in the most damaging way.

Time For Affordability

Surprise out-of-network medical bills contribute to New Jersey's health care affordability problem. It's time for reform.

NJPP’s Sheila Reynertson Busts the ‘Tax Flight’ Myth

"People are fleeing the Garden State and they’re taking all their wealth with them. Or, are they?"

Tying Transportation Funding Fix to Estate Tax Elimination is Reckless

At a time when New Jersey can’t even meet its constitutional and moral obligations, let alone make investments critical to our future, our legislative leaders are choosing to dig our financial hole even deeper.

The ‘Exodus’ is More Like a Trickle

It’s time to set the record straight about who is moving in and out of New Jersey, why they do and what it means for the state’s wellbeing.

‘Combined Reporting’ is a Pragmatic Corporate Tax Reform That Will Help New Jersey

Now is the time to update our corporate tax code and get in line with the 25 other “combined reporting” states, which include every single state in the Northeast.

Reforming New Jersey’s Subsidy Law: Four Fixes Part of New Legislative Proposal

Legislation would restore financial integrity to the "net benefits test," ensure fair wages, prevent extra rewards for some known federal tax dodgers and ensure comprehensive review and analysis.

NJPP’s Brandon McKoy Discusses Legalized Marijuana’s Revenue Potential

When New Jersey United for Marijuana Reform and New Jersey Policy Perspective partnered earlier this week to release a new report on the positive revenue implications of legalizing marijuana in New Jersey, NJTV News was there.

In Every County, Very Few New Jerseyans Owe Estate Tax

In 20 of 21 New Jersey counties, fewer than 400 estates are large enough to owe the New Jersey estate tax in any given year.

Latest BEIP Proposal is Proof New Jersey’s Surge in Corporate Tax Subsidies is Unaffordable

If policymakers want to offer such lucrative tax breaks to corporations, they should make the hard choices and find the money to pay for them – not merely push the costs off to future policymakers.

No, New Jersey’s Poorest Aren’t Offered a ‘Very Large’ Package of Benefits

The Department of Human Services Commissioner says families in WorkFirst NJ are offered a ”very large” package of benefits from other programs. But that's just not the case.

A $15 Minimum Wage is Good Policy for New Jersey’s Working People & its Economy

The fact that full-time work isn’t enough to lift a New Jerseyan out of poverty should be enough to convince everyone to raise the minimum wage.

Corporate Subsidies Keep Flowing as New Estimates Confirm They’re Creating a Growing Long-Term Budget Hole

This surge in subsidies is creating a long-term and growing economic drag that policymakers will have to grapple with for at least the next 15 years as the backlog of tax credits is paid out.

New National Report Underscores Why New Jersey Needs to Preserve its Estate Tax

Policymakers who are concerned about record levels of inequality and making sound investments that benefit all New Jerseyans should take this report to heart, and preserve the estate tax.

Increasing the EITC to 40 Percent Would Boost Working Families & Create True ‘Tax Fairness’

If you want tax fairness, the EITC is the most efficient and effective way to help fix a tax structure that is out of balance.

Raising the Minimum Wage Would Be a Great Mother’s Day Gift

Stagnant wages have combined with rising costs for housing and other necessities to force more mothers into low-wage work simply to make sure their families have food on the table, a roof over their heads and clothes on their backs.

Earned Sick Leave for All Would Help New Jersey’s Workers & Boost its Economy

Earned sick days don’t only benefit working people; they help employers too. By investing in their workers, business owners reap the benefits of a more productive workforce and with lower employee turnover that is both expensive and disruptive.

Tax Breaks or Bust: New Jersey’s Misguided Approach to Economic Development in Camden

There are no guarantees that this strategy will actually work to significantly boost Camden's economy or help its residents.

Price Hikes Weren’t on the Menu After Seattle Passed $15 Minimum Wage Law

A newly released study by the University of Washington’s Evans School of Public Policy and Governance found “little or no evidence of price increases in Seattle relative to the surrounding area.”

Reality Check: David Tepper’s Move Will Hardly ‘Destroy’ New Jersey’s Budget

The modest but important impact that Tepper’s move will have on New Jersey’s budget is being used by opponents of a common sense tax structure as an example of why the state should move away from taxes being based largely on the ability to pay.

Join Us: Immigration Policy Briefing, April 25 in Trenton

Denying drivers' licenses to undocumented residents makes everyone less safe. Other states have faced the facts on this issue, while New Jersey lags behind. We invite you to join our own experts and a panel of distinguished guests for a special briefing on on this road safety and social justice issue - and the prospects for progress in New Jersey. 
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