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New Jersey Leads Nation in Young Adults Living at Home

“It’s a combination of a stuck economy, high cost of living and low wages."

Gov. Florio & Clifford Goldman Help NJPP Release New Report

"We can't fix a problem we don't understand," Gov. Florio said.

New Jersey’s Sluggish Recovery Hurting Working Families

This bleak picture in New Jersey stands in stark contrast to national trends.

The Notorious Nine

New report examines New Jersey's long financial and economic tailspin.

Small Businesses Push to Close Tax Loopholes

It's time to prevent companies from shifting profits across state lines.

The Notorious Nine: How Key Decisions Sent New Jersey’s Financial Health Spiraling Down Over Two Decades

New Jersey’s future as an economic powerhouse with abundant opportunities is in peril.

Census: More New Jerseyans Gain Health Insurance

The share of New Jerseyans without insurance is now 8.7 percent.

New Jersey Should Keep Tax Deal with Pennsylvania in Place

Increasing taxes on working families is not a sustainable way to raise needed revenue.

Debt Sentence

New Jersey has an important role in reversing – or at least slowing down – increasingly unaffordable college prices and rising student debt.

Gov. Christie Rejects Pay Boost for Nearly 1 Million Workers

Proposal would have also reduced inequality and helped the state's economy.

NJPP’s Ray Castro on Affordable Health Care

"We do need to lower the premium costs, and there are ways we can do that."

The Value of New Jersey’s Gas Tax Has Plummeted

The lack of action has harmed New Jersey's ability to invest in transportation.

New Jersey Loses Jobs in July; Recovery Remains Elusive

New Jersey has the 9th slowest job growth of all the states since December 2007.

Honoring the Legacy of Former Board Chair Kathleen Crotty

The Kathleen Crotty Fellowship continues her commitment to policy and mentorship.

Universal Broadband is Essential Infrastructure for New Jersey

Access to affordable high-speed internet is vital to providing economic opportunity.

The Senate’s Tax Cut Plan, by the Numbers

Wealthy heirs receive the bulk of the benefits.

TANF in New Jersey is a Rapidly Disappearing Safety Net

TANF enrollment of families with children has decreased by 37 percent in two years.

Kansas & Missouri Work Towards Tax Subsidy Ceasefire

New Jersey's political and business leaders should take note.

NJPP Adds Two New Board Members

Heather Howard and Rory Riggs have joined the Board of Trustees.

New Jersey’s Jobs Picture Remains a Mixed Bag

June employment data was strong but the post-recession recovery still lags.

Latest Transportation Funding Plan: Still Reckless & Still Unfair

Like the plans that came before it, this latest proposal has absolutely nothing to do with tax fairness.

NJPP’s Jon Whiten Talks Tax Breaks & Camden Redevelopment

What benefits will these deals have for Camden residents and business owners?

Access to Financial Aid is Essential To Give Undocumented New Jerseyans a Better Shot at a College Education

It’s time for New Jersey to build on steps taken in 2013 to help undocumented students in the state have a better shot at a college education.

New Jersey’s Subsidy Surge Tops the $7 Billion Mark

For a state already so deep in a hole, it’s astonishing how eager policymakers are to keep digging the hole even deeper.

Sales Tax Cut Would Decimate Essential Services and Investments

A cut of this magnitude would blow a lethal hole in an already sinking ship.
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