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New Jersey’s Immigrants are a Huge Economic Driver

New Jersey’s immigrants are starting businesses, creating jobs and paying taxes.

2018 Budget Preview: The Legacy of the Christie Years

The list of unresolved issues facing New Jersey’s finances is long and daunting.

Ray Castro Explains Damage of ACA Repeal

Over 1 million New Jerseyans would likely lose benefits.

Repealing the Affordable Care Act Would Devastate New Jersey

In county after county, the numbers are clear: repealing the ACA without an adequate replacement is a terrible idea.

‘Relief’ Uneven for Families as Tax Cuts Start Going Into Effect

Last year's blockbuster tax deal is one that New Jersey simply can't afford.

Join Us on March 10 for the ‘Progress 2017’ Conference

It’s going to be a big year for New Jersey - let's make it count.

Audit Finds Lax Oversight with Tax Subsidy Program

NJPP's Gordon MacInnes talks to NJTV News about flaws with the state's tax breaks.

Tipped Workers Need a Fair Wage, Not Tweaks to OT Rules

New Jersey should eliminate the tipped minimum wage.

A 35 Percent EITC is Good News for New Jersey Working Families

Nearly 600,000 families will benefit from the EITC increase to 35 percent.

Increasing the EITC Will Boost New Jersey’s Workers and Their Families

A 35 Percent Earned Income Tax Credit Will Also Make Tax System More Equitable and Help State’s Economy

NJPP Joins Allies to Discuss ‘State of Our State’

NJPP president Gordon MacInnes speaks about the state's financial challenges.

60 Groups to U.S. Senators: EITC Expansion is a Priority

This expansion would help between 343,000 and 504,000 New Jersey workers.

NJPP on 2017’s Meager Minimum Wage Hike

"It really is not enough," Brandon McKoy says of the 6-cent increase.

New Year Brings a Tiny Wage Increase for Low-Paid Workers

Lawmakers must do more to boost workers and the state’s economy.

2017 Minimum Wage Hike Is a Positive Step, but It’s Not Nearly Enough

Lawmakers must do more to boost low-paid workers and the state’s economy.

Lawmakers Act to Defend the ACA After NJPP Report

We're fighting hard to protect the Affordable Care Act.

New Jersey’s Tax Revenues Continue to Lag

Tax revenues in most other states have returned to pre-recession levels.

Making Paid Family Leave Work Better for Working Families

Too many New Jerseyans are missing out on the benefits of paid family leave.

A Step Forward on Corporate Tax Subsidy Accountability

As we move forward, real reform must come from the legislature and governor.

NJPP’s Ray Castro on Medicaid Block Grant Proposal

Dangerous proposal could harm hundreds of thousands of New Jerseyans.

Six Reasons the Governor’s ‘Fairness Formula’ Must be Rejected

To read a PDF version of this report, click here. Gov. Christie has proposed a radical change to New Jersey’s school aid formula that would dismantle four decades of efforts to target school aid to districts that serve concentrations of children from poor families. Labeled the “Fairness Formula,” [...]

NJPP’s Gordon MacInnes Discusses NJ’s Biggest Economic Challenges

MacInnes sat down with host Lisa Allen on a recent episode of As a Matter of Fact.

For #GivingTuesday, Support NJPP (First-Time Gifts Will Be Matched!)

You can make the difference you want to see in the Garden State.

Repealing the Medicaid Expansion Would Reverse Health Coverage Gains & Deepen New Jersey’s Financial Crisis

Proposal would cause over a half million residents to lose health coverage and cost the state about $3 billion a year in federal funds.

October Jobs Numbers: The Slog Continues

New Jersey still has not recovered all the jobs it lost in the Great Recession.
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