Health Care Victory! NJPP Celebrates Trumpcare Defeat

American Health Care Act's failure is a victory for New Jersey, and proves facts matter.

Published on Mar 24, 2017

Today, New Jersey Policy Perspective joins with allies, parters and supporters across New Jersey in celebrating the defeat of the American Health Care Act – a nightmare piece of legislation that threatened to dismantle the Affordable Care Act and destroyed Medicaid.
Together, we protected access to affordable health care for more than 24 million hardworking Americans, including nearly half a million here in New Jersey.
Trumpcare’s failure proves this: The facts really, truly, DO still matter. Faced with the hard facts about how Trumpcare would devastate people’s lives – including a critical NJPP report that showed constituents in Republican Congressional districts would suffer disproportionately – GOP representatives had no choice but to break with party leaders and vote ‘NO’ on this disastrous bill.
NJPP’s real-time analysis and compelling reports helped armed allies and lawmakers with the facts about Trumpcare’s disastrous implications, generating hundreds of compelling news stories. The facts helped fuel a grassroots movement that convinced four of New Jersey’s five GOP Congressmen to reject the bill – costing House Speaker Paul Ryan key votes when he needed them most.
NJPP particularly wishes to recognize the work of Senior Policy Analyst Ray Castro, who spearheaded NJPP’s analysis and advocacy on the health care legislation. (No wonder he was ranked this week on NJBiz’s ‘Power 50 Health Care’ list.)
Now NJPP and our diverse coalition of health care stakeholders can move past these political distractions and finally focus on what REALLY matters: Advancing the common-sense, broadly-supported reforms that will really secure affordable, accessible health care for all.