New Jersey Policy Perspective produces independent research and analysis on policy solutions to advance social, economic, and racial justice. From data-driven reports to policy briefs and explainers, we work to provide lawmakers, legislative staff, advocates, community leaders, and reporters with the facts and figures behind the most pressing policy issues facing the Garden State.

Latest Health Bill Would Deeply Cut Funding for New Jersey

New Jersey among the hardest hit states, with a 53 percent cut in funding by 2026.

New Jersey’s Investment in Higher Ed Still Falling Short

Support for public colleges and universities is 21.3 percent lower than in 2008.

New Jersey’s Marketplace Leads the U.S in Making Health Care Affordable

The health insurance Marketplace in New Jersey has provided a national example of progress.

Policy Solutions for Low-Wage Working Families

Raising the minimum wage & expanding the EITC would help many low-paid Americans.

Jackie Cornell Named NJPP Director of Development & External Affairs

Cornell will direct NJPP’s fundraising and outreach efforts.

McKinsey Confirms: New Jersey Overspends on Tax Subsidies

New Jersey's policy governing tax breaks for corporations has gone off the rails.

Lawmakers Should Block Governor’s Health Transfer Plan

The proposal needs more study and much more careful consideration.

Gov. Christie Guts Family Leave Bill in Conditional Veto

New Jersey can - and must - do better for its working caregivers.

Trump Tax Plan: A Boon for the Wealthiest New Jerseyans

Let’s get real: this is not a blueprint for economic opportunity or shared prosperity.

Don’t Forget to Fix New Jersey’s Shrinking Rainy Day Fund

Projected end-year surplus can fund just five days of government operation.

Latest Trumpcare Bill: Like Deja Vu All Over Again

The latest Senate health bill is still bad news for New Jersey.

Setting the Record Straight on New Jersey ‘Outmigration’

There's no "tide" of people moving from New Jersey to neighboring states.

Governor’s Modest Budget Vetoes Fall on Most Vulnerable

Food and cash assistance boosts, paid leave processing improvements get the ax.

U.S. Senators Join NJPP on Health Care Call

Latest proposal would have devastating consequences for New Jersey.

Fast Facts: Medicaid Cuts in Senate Health Bill Would Harm New Jersey Even More Than Cuts in House Bill

Over Half a Million New Jerseyans Would Lose Coverage by 2021.

Senate Health Bill a Warmed-Over Version of House Bill

Proposal would damage the health and economic security of many New Jerseyans.

House-Passed Health Bill Would End Coverage for More Than Half a Million New Jerseyans

Proposal shifts billions in federal costs to New Jersey and could reduce consumer protections for millions.

Legislative Consensus Forming on Paid Leave Improvements

Revised bill a big step in the right direction, but it could be even stronger.

New Jersey’s Investment in Higher Ed Has Fallen Behind

Making college more affordable is essential to the state's economic future.

Fairly and Adequately Taxing Inherited Wealth Will Fight Inequality & Provide Essential Resources for All New Jerseyans

Policymakers either bring back the estate tax, reform the inheritance tax or some combination of both.

‘Fortune 500’: High-Tax States Are Great Places to Do Business

A long list of factors are more important to most businesses than low taxes.

Tax Credits Are No Substitute for Medicaid Expansion

Older low-income New Jerseyans would be harmed the most by the House GOP plan.

Support for State’s Poorest Kids Continues to Dwindle

New Jersey needs to follow the lead of other states and invest in its kids.

Trump’s Budget Puts New Jerseyans of Color at Great Risk

While all New Jerseyans are at risk under the President’s proposal, New Jerseyans of color stand to lose the most.

How a ‘Tiered Reimbursement’ System Could Improve Child Care in New Jersey

This report describes the characteristics of such a “tiered reimbursement system” and estimates the investment that would be required to make it a success in the Garden State.
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