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Fixing New Jersey’s Broken Corporate Tax Code Will Help Small Businesses, Boost the Economy

New Jersey’s corporate tax code is littered with loopholes, special breaks and preferential treatment for large and well-connected corporations. Here's how to clean it up.

U.S. Senate Moves Damaging Tax Plan Closer to Reality

New Jersey's low-income and working families are hardest hit by this plan.

ImpacTalk: NJPP’s Jon Whiten on Defending Health Care

In this TED-style talk, NJPP's VP reminds us all that "policy is really about people."

NJPP is Fighting for Progress in Gubernatorial Transition

We are shaping policy and holding our leaders accountable - in 2018 and beyond.

Sabotage of the Affordable Care Act Puts Middle-Class New Jerseyans in the Crosshairs

In New Jersey, about 150,000 people will see an average 22 percent increase in their premiums in 2018.

Congressional Tax Proposals Target Immigrant Children

As many as 5 million immigrant children across the country could be harmed.

Expanding EITC Could Help Over 1 Million New Jersey Families

Federal proposal would deliver real tax reform to 47 million working Americans.

Latest Senate Tax Proposal Even Worse for New Jersey’s Working Families

Middle-class and low-income New Jersey families would pay more, wealthier families would get big tax cuts and 340,000 New Jerseyans would lose health insurance.

New Jersey Second Hardest Hit State Under Senate Tax Proposal

22 percent of Garden State households face tax hike; plan delivers greatest rewards to wealthiest families.

State and Local Tax Deductions Benefit Tens of Thousands of New Jerseyans of All Incomes in Every Congressional District

By Sheila Reynertson and Jon Whiten To read a PDF version of this report, click here. As Republican lawmakers in Congress move forward with their tax proposal, much attention has been paid to the fate of state and local tax deductions, which allow taxpayers who itemize deductions on their [...]

The Essential Eleven: Ideas to Move New Jersey Forward in 2018

New Jerseyans deserve big, bold, swift action from the new administration to increase economic justice and widespread prosperity.

Poll: Most New Jerseyans Want Bold Solutions on State Taxes

Voters support three critical components of NJPP's proactive tax reform agenda.

New Jersey Third Hardest Hit State Under House Tax Proposal

27 percent of New Jersey taxpayers would see a tax hike while the wealthiest households would get huge tax cuts.

Millions of New Jerseyans Deduct Billions in State and Local Taxes Each Year

A total of 1.8 million New Jersey households deduct a cumulative $17 billion in state income or sales taxes from their federal taxes.

As DACA Ends, Here’s How New Jersey Can Help DREAMers

Allowing undocumented students access to state financial aid is a good start.

Unlikely Allies Oppose Mega-Subsidy for Amazon

NJPP and Americans for Prosperity-New Jersey joined forces yesterday.

Trump’s Sabotage Threatens Health Care for New Jerseyans

We run down the New Jersey impact of the latest executive branch actions on the ACA.

Tax Credit Delays Continue to Hurt New Jersey Families

State’s EITC ‘fraud screening’ process targets the most vulnerable taxpayers.

House Budget Threatens Billions in Cuts for New Jerseyans to Set Up Damaging Tax Plan

Majority of New Jersey Republicans voted 'no' on House Budget resolution.

16-Cent Wage Hike is Not Enough for New Jersey’s Low-Paid Workers

Gradually increasing the minimum wage to $15 an hour is urgently needed.

To Attract Amazon, New Jersey Needs Public Investments

Focusing on bigger and more dangerous tax breaks alone won’t work. Here's why.

New Senate Proposal Greatest Threat Yet to Health Care in New Jersey

Graham-Cassidy bill would cause 71 percent jump in New Jerseyans without coverage.

DACA Directive Dims the Future of Thousands of Young New Jersey Immigrants

Only eight states have a higher number of DACA recipients than New Jersey.

New Jersey’s Progress on Health Coverage Must Not Be Undone

The share of New Jerseyans with insurance has increased by 39 percent in three years.

Reforming New Jersey’s Income Tax Would Help Build Shared Prosperity

By reforming New Jersey's income tax code, we can help build the kind of state we want to see, where families across the income spectrum have a better chance to thrive.
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