Reckless Transportation Deal Will Exacerbate Inequality

NJPP's president says the "sweetheart deal" will reward a fortunate few families.

Published on Oct 5, 2016

Yesterday, NJPP joined Senator Lesniak, Eric Schoenberg from the Patriotic Millionaires and fellow advocates to decry the latest deal to replenish New Jersey’s Transportation Trust Fund – and eliminate billions of dollars in revenue while disproportionately helping the most well-off at the same time.

“In New Jersey, [there are] 9 million people and 70,000 of them die every year. Of the 70,000 who die only about 3,500 have to file an estate tax return with a check,” NJPP President Gordon MacInnes said. “So what you’re talking about is eliminating a very, very special source of revenue for the rest of us by rewarding 95 to 100 families every year with a sweetheart deal.”

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