Gov. Florio & Clifford Goldman Help NJPP Release New Report

"We can't fix a problem we don't understand," Gov. Florio said.

Published on Sep 19, 2016

New Jersey Policy Perspective was proud last week to be joined by Governor James J. Florio and former state Treasurer Clifford Goldman for the media release of NJPP’s searing new report, “The Notorious Nine: How Key Decisions Sent New Jersey’s Financial Health Spiraling Down Over Two Decades.”

In unsparing terms, this report by NJPP President Gordon MacInnes and Senior Policy Analyst Sheila Reynertson details the nine decisions that led to New Jersey’s financial downfall, shattered its sterling record of economic success and jeopardized the security of hardworking New Jersey families who work hard for low or modest pay.

In an email to NJPP supporters, Gov. Florio wrote: “We can’t fix a problem we don’t understand. Thanks to NJPP, the reasons for New Jersey’s dire fiscal situation are now crystal clear. This thorough and understandable report of the details of that history should be distributed as widely as possible, not only for an accurate historical record, but as future guidance for policymakers as to what not to do.”