For the Many NJ: State Budget Doubles Down on Austerity, Harming Families Hit Hardest by Pandemic

This budget proposal, and the process through which it was developed, is an insult to the taxpayers of New Jersey.

Friday Facts and Figures: June 26, 2020

New Jersey Legislature fast tracks three-month spending bill full of cuts.

NJPP: Budget Bill is a Mockery of the Legislative Process

This budget was written in secrecy with zero public hearings and zero opportunities for public comment.

Friday Facts and Figures: June 19, 2020

A big U.S. Supreme Court win for immigrant families, but still no pandemic relief.

Juneteenth: Honoring the Past by Building a Racially Just Future

Juneteenth is a day for remembrance and reflection on the struggle for freedom that Black Americans have pursued for more than 400 years.