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Improving Indoor Air Quality in Schools Helps Students Succeed

Research shows that improving indoor air quality in schools may pay dividends beyond reducing COVID-19 exposure.

Build Back Better Legislation Makes the Tax Code Fairer — But Only if SALT Cap Stays in Place

The recovery package, as written, would raise taxes on the nation’s richest households while providing a tax cut for almost everyone else.

Friday Facts and Figures: September 24, 2021

New homelessness figures point to big racial disparities in housing. Build Back Better bill endorsed by Nobel Prize-winning economists.

Friday Facts and Figures: September 17, 2021

Marijuana cases automatically expunged. Poverty remains far too high. The Build Back Better agenda will create millions of jobs.

Pandemic Relief Reduced Poverty in 2020

New Census data show that poverty remains far too high, but pandemic relief programs helped families stay afloat.

Separate and Unequal: Racial and Ethnic Segregation and the Case for School Funding Reparations in New Jersey

Many Black and Latinx/Hispanic students in New Jersey aren’t given the resources they need to ensure equal educational opportunity.

Friday Facts and Figures: September 10, 2021

New Jersey is one step closer to expanding housing rights for people with criminal records. President Joe Biden visits Somerset County.

Labor Day Snapshot: New Jersey’s Uneven Recovery

Just as the pandemic disproportionately harmed low-income workers and people of color, New Jersey’s pandemic recovery is similarly divided.

Friday Facts and Figures: September 3, 2021

Hurricane Ida was one of the deadliest storms in state history. New Jersey is on pace for record-breaking overdose deaths in 2021.

Redistricting: Where Do Incarcerated People Count?

New law ending prison gerrymandering means people who are incarcerated will be counted at their address prior to incarceration.

Friday Facts and Figures: August 27, 2021

New Jersey is the latest state to ban jails from contracting with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). Gas Tax to drop by 8.3 cents.

Friday Facts and Figures: August 20, 2021

This week marks the 25th anniversary of welfare "reform." President Biden enacts the largest-ever increase in food assistance benefits.

How New Jersey’s Population Changed Since 2010 and What it Means for Redistricting

As New Jersey continues to grow larger and more diverse, its institutions and political boundaries should accurately represent its population.

Friday Facts and Figures: August 13, 2021

New Census data shows that New Jersey is growing bigger and more diverse. Credit rating agency upgrades New Jersey's credit outlook.

Friday Facts and Figures: August 6, 2021

Students will be required to wear masks this fall. Governor Murphy signs landmark eviction and tenant protection bill into law.

Friday Facts and Figures: July 30, 2021

Murphy administration holds hearing on how to spend American Rescue Plan funds. Unemployment benefits do not disincentivize work.

Pandemic Relief Funds Must Be Used to Dismantle Racial, Gender, and Economic Inequities

Testimony by NJPP Senior Policy Analyst Sheila Reynertson on how to use federal pandemic relief funds from the American Rescue Plan.

Friday Facts and Figures: July 23, 2021

Atlantic City votes to shut down its lifesaving syringe exchange program. New Jersey is the best performing state in the bond market.

EITC Expansion Benefits Residents and Boosts the Economy

Expanding the EITC in New Jersey will provide a boost to state and local economies as EITC benefits are often spent immediately and locally.

Friday Facts and Figures: July 16, 2021

Expanded Child Tax Credit payments are here! A new report finds the true poverty rate for New Jersey. NJPP has a new job opening.

More Than 50,000 Kids in New Jersey Could Miss Out on the Child Tax Credit

Up to 55,000 qualifying families in New Jersey may miss out on Child Tax Credit payments because the IRS does not have their information on file.

Friday Facts and Figures: July 9, 2021

New data documents millions of State Police traffic stops. Expanded federal Child Tax Credit takes effect later this month.

The Consequences of School Underfunding

Inadequately funded schools have fewer experienced teachers and fewer curricular offerings.

Friday Facts and Figures: July 2, 2021

New state budget includes big investments to aid the state's recovery, but lacks bold, transformative policies to close the racial wealth gap.

Shining a Light on New Jersey’s FY 2022 Budget

New Jersey's latest budget meets the immediate needs of the pandemic recovery, pays off debt, and invests in key public assets.
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