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Getting Back on Track: Fully Fund NJ Transit by Taxing Big Corporations

Maintaining a modest tax on the most profitable corporations can save NJ Transit, fully fund the agency, and prevent catastrophic service cuts and fare hikes.

Friday Facts and Figures: September 15, 2023

New Census data shows that child poverty doubled after the federal Child Tax Credit expired. New Jersey has the highest median household income.

Unlocking Academic Success: Revitalizing New Jersey’s School Funding Formula for Student Achievement

New Jersey's school funding formula has not kept up with new, more rigorous learning standards and outcome goals for students.

The Best Medicine: How the Drug Affordability Council Can Advance Future Drug Pricing Reforms in New Jersey

The new Drug Affordability Council holds potential to transform the lives of patients who have struggled to access life-saving treatments.

All Students Benefit From a Strong and Inclusive Equity Code

Testimony from NJPP President Nicole Rodriguez before the New Jersey Board of Education.

Friday Facts and Figures: August 18

Homelessness is on the rise. New Jersey gets close to universal health coverage for kids. Community solar pilot is now permanent.

Friday Facts and Figures: August 11, 2023

New poll shows strong support for fully funding NJ Transit. Fossil fuel funded groups pollute clean energy debate with misinformation.

Red Flags Amid a Sea of Green: Breaking Down New Jersey’s FY 2024 Budget

Lawmakers missed a historic opportunity to fix New Jersey's finances by prioritizing short-sighted tax cuts in the new state budget.

Friday Facts and Figures: August 4, 2023

New Jersey loses a progressive champion. School board in Bergen County eliminates, then reinstates, mental health services.

Friday Facts and Figures: July 28, 2023

Temp workers win in court. State agencies fail to produce public reports required by law. Proposal would end indentured servitude in prisons.

Friday Facts and Figures: July 21, 2023

NJ Transit's budget deficit could cause a "death spiral" without new funding. Lawmakers announce new lawsuit to stop congestion pricing.

Friday Facts and Figures: July 14, 2023

New data highlights stark racial disparities in State Police traffic stops. Lawmakers receive bad grades on racial justice policies.

Friday Facts and Figures: July 7, 2023

New Jersey's first offshore wind farm gains federal approval. Governor Murphy signs law eliminating public defender fees.

Friday Facts and Figures: June 30, 2023

New Jersey has a new state budget, but what we really need is a new budget process.

StayNJ 2.0: Senior Tax Cut Still 2 Regressive and 2 Expensive

Updated StayNJ senior tax cut proposal would still send the biggest benefits to already-wealthy households.

It’s Time for New Jersey to Eliminate Public Defender Fees

Testimony from NJPP Policy Analyst Marleina Ubel in support of eliminating public defender fees and liens in New Jersey.

Reel Regret: The High Cost of Expanding Film Tax Credits in New Jersey

A proposal to expand New Jersey’s film and TV tax credit program would cost the state $200 million annually and erode safeguards against abuse.

Friday Facts and Figures: June 23, 2023

StayNJ compromise still gives biggest benefits to the wealthiest households. Majority of residents want more funding for NJ Transit.

Friday Facts and Figures: June 16, 2023

StayNJ would disproportionately benefit wealthy households. State tax collections come up short again. New Jersey's family leave program has a big loophole.

More Than One in Five New Jersey Workers Can Still Be Fired for Taking Paid Family Leave

Loophole in New Jersey’s paid family leave law leaves many workers with no job protection.

Stay Away from StayNJ: Proposal Cuts Taxes for the Rich, Leaves Low-Income Seniors Behind

Highest-income residents would get eight times the benefit of the lowest-income residents under the StayNJ program.

Combating Surveillance and Protecting Privacy: Why New Jersey Needs the Values Act

Federal immigration enforcement collects sensitive data to track, target, and separate families. The Values Act would limit what information can be shared.

Friday Facts and Figures: May 26, 2023

Senate President open to keeping the corporate business tax surcharge. New property tax credit proposal would leave many seniors behind.

New Jersey Should Invest Opioid Settlement Funds to Effectively Tackle the Opioid Crisis and Prevent Future Harm

Testimony from NJPP Policy Analyst Marleina Ubel before the New Jersey Opioid Recovery and Remediation Fund Advisory.

Alternative Crisis Response Builds Trust and Enhances Public Safety

Testimony from Policy Analyst Marleina Ubel in support of community-centered approaches to public safety.
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