Following Other States’ Progress on Economic Justice

New Jersey's leaders should make tax structure fairer, boost wages and more.

Transportation/Tax Deal a Failure in Leadership

Dangerous deal-making has trumped protecting New Jersey's future.

Short-Term Fix Can End Transportation-Funding Crisis

This solution is by no means ideal. But given the alternatives, it’s the only way forward.

Earned Sick Leave is a Vital Lifeline for Survivors

Domestic and sexual violence survivors need time to recover without losing a paycheck.

Gov. Christie Can Give New Jerseyans a Needed Raise

This bill would help workers, families, businesses and New Jersey's economy.

Opposing Financial Aid for Undocumented Students is Short-Sighted

Eight states have approved financial aid for these students. Why not New Jersey?

Cut the Politics and Make a Smarter Transportation Funding Deal

Tax-cut tradeoffs might make for good politics but they make for bad policy.

It’s July 1 and There’s No Transportation Funding Fix. What’s Next?

New Jersey's leaders should abandon cries for fictional “tax fairness” and demonstrate that they want to invest sensibly in New Jersey’s future.

Will Killing Estate Tax Raise All Boats?

Pairing a tax increase that will be most felt by working-class and low-income New Jerseyans with a major tax cut that will deliver all of its benefit to the state’s wealthiest heirs isn’t tax fairness at all.

Supreme Court’s Immigration Decision Is a Step Backward for N.J. and U.S.

More than 200,000 New Jerseyans will suffer from the court's tie vote, and all of us will lose out on the economic benefits as a result.

‘Reckless’ Transportation Funding Plan Perverts Notion of Tax Fairness

Proposals ignore New Jersey’s perilous financial situation and instead propose to accelerate its steady downward slide - all in order to deliver big tax cuts to the state's wealthiest.

Blueprint for Common-Sense Corporate Tax Reform

By updating the corporate tax code and closing a variety of remaining corporate tax loopholes, policymakers could ensure that all New Jersey businesses are paying their fair share – and raise up to $290 million a year in new revenue doing it.

New Jersey Should Give All Families a Shot at Success By Boosting Basic Assistance

One of the main causes for deep child poverty is the erosion of basic assistance to New Jersey families facing the biggest economic challenges.

Latest Transportation Funding Proposal Fails the ‘Fairness’ Test

There’s good news and bad news when it comes to securing funding for critical improvements and modernization of our roads, bridges, train lines and other transportation assets.

Immigration Case Will Have a Lasting Impact on New Jersey Families

Next week, the U.S. Supreme Court will hear an immigration case that could either improve the lives of hundreds of thousands of New Jerseyans or needlessly tear families apart.

This Tax Day, Never Forget: Progressive Taxes Built New Jersey

Our country and our state became great because the people who came before us made the decision to invest in good schools, a strong transportation system and the other building blocks of economic growth. We owe it to our kids to continue that commitment to New Jersey’s prosperity by preserving the estate tax.

What’s the Rush? Critical Information is Missing on Casino Expansion Push

Here we go again: another hasty proposal to convince legislators and the public that more gambling will painlessly create jobs, grow the economy and enrich the state’s coffers.

Proposed Estate Tax Cut Windfall for Wealthiest

By “abolishing” New Jersey’s estate tax, as Gov. Christie has proposed doing, the governor would deliver a huge tax cut to a few thousand of New Jersey’s most well-off households while seriously threatening resources needed for public colleges, safe communities, health care and other important services.

Yes, the Minimum Wage is Too Low. No, $15 an Hour Isn’t Too High for New Jersey.

A $12 an hour minimum wage would be a big improvement over today’s $8.38 wage floor. But it would still fall short of what it takes for a full-time single adult worker just to get by in New Jersey.

Christie’s Veto Keeps State’s Revenue Projection in an Avoidable Rut

Bill included three common-sense components that would have improved budget process and potentially boosted our standing with credit-ratings agencies.
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