Will NJ GOP Stand Up Against Spending Cuts?

The GOP tax plan was step one of a damaging two-step process that puts working families at risk.

Fixing Corporate Tax Code Would Help All Businesses

To set New Jersey on a course toward safer waters, swift, bold action is a must.

GOP Tax Plan Shouldn’t Delay Fixes to NJ’s Tax Code

Federal plan actually gives state lawmakers more reason than ever to move forward.

A $15 Minimum Wage is an Economic Necessity

New Jersey’s working families have fallen far behind thanks to decades of stagnant wages.

Federal Tax Plan No Reason to Shelve NJ Income Tax Fixes

Fears about a potential "double whammy" for wealthy New Jerseyans are unfounded.

Vote ‘Yes’ on Ballot Question 1

On November 7, you can help update and modernize the state’s public libraries.

Trump Budget & Tax Plan Would Hit New Jersey Hard

The proposal is rooted in magical thinking. But it’s worse than a fairytale.

New Jersey’s Tax Code is Broken. Let’s Start Fixing It.

In 2018, New Jersey’s leaders must begin making better choices.

How To Help Families with High Cost of Child Care

Start by targeting assistance to the families that need it most.

Ending DACA Would Harm All New Jerseyans

More than 20,000 young New Jerseyans have been helped by DACA so far.

House Budget + Trump Tax Cuts = Raw Deal for NJ

Plans put millions of families at risk while giving huge breaks to the fortunate few.

Five Reasons Christie Should OK Paid Leave Fixes

Proposal would help New Jersey workers, small businesses and more.

Lottery/Pensions Deal is a Reckless Budget Gimmick

It's just one more scheme that will dig New Jersey’s already deep hole deeper.

Don’t Dismiss Trump’s Budget as ‘Dead on Arrival’

Trump’s proposal is quite similar to recent House GOP budgets.

Don’t Dismiss Trump’s Budget as ‘Dead on Arrival’

Trump’s proposal is quite similar to recent House GOP budgets.

In Opioid Crusade, Christie Aims at Wrong Target

Preserving Medicaid needs to top the governor's agenda - not attacking Horizon.

Use Auction Proceeds to Keep Public Informed

Doing so would improve civic information and strengthen democracy.

Trump’s Budget Puts New Jersey At Risk

Proposal threatens New Jersey's working families and our state's budget.

Four Practical Ways for NJ to Raise New Revenue

Now is the time for action — not next year when the hole will be even deeper.

Don’t Take My Son’s Life-Saving Health Care Away

Repealing the Affordable Care Act would harm millions - including my son.

Op-Ed: Immigration Orders Fly in Face of American Values

New Jersey must stand united against these destructive executive orders.

New Jersey Should Welcome Immigrants

We can lead a charge of resistance that is rooted in common sense and public safety.

GOP Governors are Standing Up for Obamacare

Gov. Christie should join them, and fight to protect a key piece of his legacy.

Congress Can Help More Workers Escape Poverty

Expanding the EITC for workers who are not raising children should be a top priority.

Slow Economic Gains from Low-Octane Wages

When so many people can’t afford basic daily needs, it creates a big drag on the economy.
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