Jon Whiten

Jon Whiten was formerly the Vice President for NJPP. In this role, he worked with the Board and leadership team to shape and execute NJPP's mission and strategic vision. He also led NJPP’s strategic communications efforts, managed its finances and operations, researched key economic justice issues and engaged in advocacy and outreach. Jon's research interests include but aren't limited to: economic development, corporate taxes, the minimum wage, working family tax credits and transportation. Before joining NJPP in October 2011, Jon worked for a decade as an editor, writer and entrepreneur, including as the founding editor and publisher of the Jersey City Independent. He has previously served as an editor for the Association of Alternative Newsweeklies, a fact-checker for Columbia Journalism Review and an assistant editor at a community newspaper chain in Northern Virginia. His freelance work has been published in a number of national and local publications. Jon currently serves as the Deputy Director of State Communications at the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities. Follow Jon on Twitter

Governor Takes Important Step on Tax Subsidy Evaluation

Better evaluation is a critical part of comprehensive comprehensive subsidy reform.

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Signing of Amazon Tax Subsidy Bill a Fitting End to the Christie Era

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GOP Tax Plan Shouldn’t Delay Fixes to NJ’s Tax Code

Federal plan actually gives state lawmakers more reason than ever to move forward.

How the GOP Tax Bill Could Undo Decades of Progress

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Senate-Passed Tax Bill Still a Raw Deal for New Jersey’s Working Families

New Jersey households with incomes over $1.4 million would receive an average $8,350 tax cut while those with incomes under $111,000 would see a tax hike averaging $120.