Jon Whiten

Jon Whiten was formerly the Vice President for NJPP. In this role, he worked with the Board and leadership team to shape and execute NJPP's mission and strategic vision. He also led NJPP’s strategic communications efforts, managed its finances and operations, researched key economic justice issues and engaged in advocacy and outreach. Jon's research interests include but aren't limited to: economic development, corporate taxes, the minimum wage, working family tax credits and transportation. Before joining NJPP in October 2011, Jon worked for a decade as an editor, writer and entrepreneur, including as the founding editor and publisher of the Jersey City Independent. He has previously served as an editor for the Association of Alternative Newsweeklies, a fact-checker for Columbia Journalism Review and an assistant editor at a community newspaper chain in Northern Virginia. His freelance work has been published in a number of national and local publications. Jon currently serves as the Deputy Director of State Communications at the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities. Follow Jon on Twitter

Yes, the Minimum Wage is Too Low. No, $15 an Hour Isn’t Too High for New Jersey.

A $12 an hour minimum wage would be a big improvement over today’s $8.38 wage floor. But it would still fall short of what it takes for a full-time single adult worker just to get by in New Jersey.

Raising the Minimum Wage Would Boost New Jersey’s Working Men and Women

Inadequate wage floor keeps many workers in poverty.

Closing Corporate Loopholes: A Win-Win

Combined reporting would help New Jersey’s small businesses and provide resources to grow the economy.

Eliminating the Estate Tax: Bad for the Middle Class, Bad for Small Business, Bad for New Jersey

The governor pitched his call to kill this tax on inherited wealth as something that would boost New Jersey’s shrinking middle class. But that claim isn’t borne out by the facts.

Eliminating New Jersey’s Estate Tax: Like Robin Hood in Reverse

Eliminating the estate tax would deprive New Jersey of resources needed to promote widespread prosperity while benefiting the state’s highest net-worth households the most.

New Website Launched to Keep an Eye on Bogus Business Rankings

This website should be immediately bookmarked and frequently consulted by all of the Garden State's leaders who care about growing the economy and creating broadly shared prosperity.

Jun Choi Elected Chair of New Jersey Policy Perspective

Choi, who joined NJPP’s Board in 2013, becomes the sixth Chair since the policy organization's founding in 1997.

It’s Time to Slow Down Misguided Push for North Jersey Casinos

The casino expansion push is based on several assumptions - all of which are highly questionable.

NJPP’s Gordon MacInnes Debates Corporate Tax Subsidies with NJBIA’s President

Listen to MacInnes debate the merits of corporate tax subsidies - and New Jersey's over-reliance on these breaks - with New Jersey Business and Industry Association president Michele Siekerka.