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Video: NJPP President Gordon MacInnes Talks to NJTV About Risky Business Tax Breaks

MacInnes told reporter Brenda Flanagan that the state in 2013 made an already risky economic practice even riskier by drastically lowering standards.

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Lopsided Economic Estimates Make New Jersey’s Risky Business Tax Breaks Even Riskier

To bring a modicum of sanity to these subsidies, New Jersey policymakers should return to the formula that existed prior to 2013’s subsidy revisions.

Risky Business: New Jersey Must Hold Corporations More Accountable in Subsidy Deals

As New Jersey continues to award record-setting tax subsidies to businesses in a failed attempt to grow the state’s economy, it has drastically lowered the standards corporations must meet to qualify for a tax break. Nowhere is this more evident than in the state’s special treatment for the city of Camden, where the bar for determining whether a subsidy will result in “net benefits” to the economy has been set so low that New Jersey is now approving deals with major financial risks to taxpayers.

Setting the Record Straight: Millionaires, Wealthy Households & New Jersey

Despite the governor’s insistence, New Jersey’s progressive income tax – in which the wealthy pay higher rates than the rest of us – has not led to an exodus of millionaires from the Garden State.

March Jobs Numbers Show New Jersey Still Stuck in Neutral

The Department of Labor released its latest employment statistics today, and the numbers for March clearly show that New Jersey’s economy is still stuck in neutral, with a recovery that lags far behind the nation and our neighbors.

New Jersey’s Undocumented Residents Pay More than $600 Million in State & Local Taxes

New Jersey’s undocumented residents are paying $613 million a year in state and local taxes – a number that would increase significantly under the Obama administration’s executive actions and even more under comprehensive immigration reform.

One Number Clearly Shows Why the Fight for $15 is Important in New Jersey

61%: That’s how far the state’s current minimum wage of $8.38 can get a full-time worker towards meeting the survival budget for a single adult in New Jersey.

Three Tax Day Takeaways

It’s Tax Day – that day each year when the public spotlight falls on something we at NJPP focus on all year round.

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The High Taxpayer Cost of Low-Wage Work in New Jersey

While business lobbyists and low-wage employers continue to fight efforts to further increase the minimum wage or to grant earned sick days in New Jersey, an important new report released today shows that by employing low-wage workers, businesses are merely shifting costs to all of us.

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