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Let’s Not Confuse ‘Business Tax Climate’ with ‘Business Climate’

Just 19 Fortune 500 companies call the five states deemed the “best” by the Tax Foundation home – the same number that are headquartered in New Jersey alone.

Looking Beyond the Ribbon-Cutting: New Honeywell HQ Comes at Steep Cost to Taxpayers

New Jersey needs to get out of the business of doling out tens of millions of dollars for highly profitable corporations to shift jobs around the state, and it needs to stop rewarding corporations that game the tax system elsewhere with additional benefits here.

Op-Ed: Why Do Americans Work So Hard? Too Many Simply Can’t Afford Not To

Americans are seemingly working harder than ever – and getting less in return. While workplace “culture,” increasing globalization and other factors are surely playing a role, there is another culprit: growing income inequality.

Forty New Jersey Groups Join the Fight Against Pairing Gas Tax Increase with Cuts to Taxes on Inherited Wealth

Pairing a fuel tax increase — which would put a significant strain on those least able to bear it — with tax cuts that would affect only 10 percent of estates in the state is precisely the opposite of tax fairness.

Assembly Speaker, Legislators & Policy Experts: Better Budget Planning Would Help New Jersey

The Assembly and a key Senate committee have approved legislation designed to improve New Jersey’s budget process, but the full Senate must act on the bill for it to move forward.

New Jersey Job Growth Continues to Lag Yet Corporate Subsidies Keep Flowing

On the same morning that new figures show job growth in New Jersey continuing to lag the nation and our neighboring states, the state keeps barreling full steam ahead down a path that won’t lead to prosperity.

Big-Time Abusers of Offshore Tax Havens Have Also Received Hundreds of Millions in State Tax Breaks

While Congress would have to act to stop offshoring, state legislators must step up to stop New Jersey’s subsidies to offshoring companies.

Small Business Leaders: State Tax Subsidy Programs Aren’t Working For Us or For Our Local Economies

Unlike well-paid lobbyists, the leaders of groups representing small and independent businesses are none too pleased with state tax subsidy programs.

Policy Experts & Small Business Owners Set the Record Straight on the Estate and Inheritance Taxes

The argument to cut or eliminate New Jersey’s estate or inheritance taxes is built on four flawed foundations.

Levied on Very Few, New Jersey’s Estate and Inheritance Taxes Support Colleges, Health Care & Other Services

An effort by some lawmakers to eliminate or drastically cut taxes for a small number of New Jerseyans – a move that would deliver the greatest benefit to the state’s wealthiest households – threatens resources needed for public colleges, safe communities, health care and other important services.

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