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April Jobs Numbers Show New Jersey Needs a New Approach

After 5 years of cutting taxes for businesses and awarding billions of dollars in tax breaks to a small handful of corporations, the monthly jobs numbers released yesterday are the latest proof that New Jersey needs a new approach to grow the economy and create good jobs.

Investing in Public Transit is Essential to New Jersey’s Future – And Its Present

New Jersey is famous – or perhaps infamous? – for its roads. The Turnpike, the Parkway, the long commutes. But the Garden State is also a public transit state.

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New Jersey Spending on Higher Education Cut Deeply Since 2008

New Jersey students and families continue to have a hard time affording the high cost of a college education, thanks to lackluster state support for public colleges and universities.

Op-Ed: Unpaid Bills for Corporate Tax Breaks Another Sign New Jersey Must Change Course

If lawmakers think it’s tough to deal with the financial hole from past tax breaks now, think about how much worse it’ll be in five or 10 years when the full bills from the state’s recent subsidy surge start to come due.

The Latest Evidence That Tax Subsidies Don’t Work

As New Jersey continues to approve record amounts of tax subsidies to corporations in a failed attempt to jumpstart its stagnant economy, a new study adds to the overwhelming stack of evidence that shows Garden State policymakers are on the wrong track with their focus on these special tax breaks.

No Matter How You Slice the Numbers, New Jersey is On the Hook for Billions in Tax Breaks

Since New Jersey’s “only” handed out $63 million in the past few years, the EDA suggests, all is fine. But New Jersey is indeed on the hook for billions – it’ll just be paid in the coming decade rather than right this minute.

Sen. Lesniak’s Proposals Are Common-Sense Steps To Bring More Accountability & Transparency to New Jersey’s Corporate Tax Breaks

The legislation echoes key NJPP recommendations to help fix a broken test the state uses to determine whether a tax break will result in “net benefits” to the economy and to place a moratorium on new subsidy approvals until statutorily required annual reports are produced by the Treasury.

A Step in the Right Direction: EDA Adds Some Results to its Tax Subsidy Reporting

This week the New Jersey Economic Development Authority launched a new website, and, with it, enhanced its business tax subsidy reporting.

Video: NJPP President Gordon MacInnes Talks to NJTV About Risky Business Tax Breaks

MacInnes told reporter Brenda Flanagan that the state in 2013 made an already risky economic practice even riskier by drastically lowering standards.

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Lopsided Economic Estimates Make New Jersey’s Risky Business Tax Breaks Even Riskier

To bring a modicum of sanity to these subsidies, New Jersey policymakers should return to the formula that existed prior to 2013’s subsidy revisions.

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