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Video: NJPP’s Raymond Castro Discusses New Jersey’s SNAP Delays

“We need a much greater state commitment to this program,” Castro said. “The state does not provide any funds for outreach.”

N.J.’s Slow Handling of Food Stamp Program Could Cost it Money, Feds Say

Citing New Jersey’s “chronically poor performance” of efficiently reviewing food stamp applications, the Obama administration has threatened to withhold federal funding unless the state makes dramatic improvements by March.

NJ Policy Perspective Says State Failing to Serve Needs of Hungry Residents

A liberal research group claims hundreds of thousand of struggling New Jersey residents are being denied food benefits because of inadequate state support for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program.

Problems in NJ’s Food Stamps Program Put Funds at Risk

New Jersey takes so long to process low-income residents’ applications for food stamps that the federal government last month warned it will lose federal funds unless things improve.

Group: Christie Must Do More to Support Food Stamps Program

A liberal-leaning think tank is calling on Gov. Chris Christie’s administration to do more to enroll poor residents in the federal food stamps program, and take steps to forestall cuts handed down by Congress that could result in reduced monthly benefits for thousands of New Jersey families.

New Jersey’s Food Stamp Failure: Hundreds of Thousands of Struggling New Jerseyans Losing Nutritional Benefits

New Jersey’s inadequate support of the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program is resulting in the delay or the denial of critical food benefits to hundreds of thousands of struggling New Jerseyans and the potential loss of up to $500 million in federal funds annually.

Singer Holding Off On Previously Announced Amendment of Bill to Regulate MEWAs

Sen. Robert W. Singer (R-Lakewood) announced Monday he’s holding off on his planned afternoon introduction of an amended version of his bill, S2220, which aims to encourage more employers to join together to create more affordable, self-insured health plans.

N.J. Jobless Rate Dips Again, but Pending Atlantic City Casino Closures Loom

Call it the calm before the storm. New Jersey’s unemployment rate dropped to 6.5 percent in July, the fourth straight monthly decline, according to U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics data released today. The good news, however, comes just weeks before thousands of expected job losses take effect from three Atlantic City casinos set to close.

Op-Ed: New Jersey Needs More Evaluation of its Business Tax Incentives

As the state doubles down on these tax breaks, it must also increase the level of scrutiny it applies to them.

Two Takeaways from Revel’s Closure

The announcement this week that Atlantic City’s Revel casino and resort will close next month and over 3,000 workers will lose their jobs has many important implications, but we wanted to quickly focus on two of them: the devastation that casino closings will have on the local economy and how Revel’s bust highlights the need for revising the state’s criteria for evaluating the economic impact of projects receiving state subsidies.

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