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Editorial: As Rescue Mission of Trenton Ushers in 100th Year, N.J. Shows Support with $600K Grant

The Rescue Mission of Trenton received a generous gift from New Jersey last week. In the true spirit of the season, however, the $600,000 grant eventually will be regifted in ways that could surprise even by those who are the heartbeat of the century-old organization.

N.J. Public Worker Pensions Not So Generous After All, Study Says

New Jersey’s public employee pension plans ranked among the least generous of top public pension plans in the country, according to a report released today.

New Study Contradicts Christie’s Claim That Pension Payouts are Excessive

New Jersey’s public employee pensions are not “exorbitant,” as Gov. Chris Christie has proclaimed, at least not compared with other plans across the country, asserts a new report by a progressive policy organization.

Report: NJ Pension Benefits Rank Near the Bottom

New Jersey’s public employee pension systems aren’t being bankrupted by overly generous benefits, according to a new report from a liberal-leaning think tank.

Setting the Record Straight: How Generous Are New Jersey’s Public Pension Benefits?

The Christie administration and other New Jersey leaders are right: The state is facing a significant pension system problem. But those who blame overly generous benefits for these woes are far off base, according to an analysis of the largest 100 public pension plans in the country released today.

Chart: New Jersey Ranks 95th in Pension Generosity Out of Top 100 Plans in the U.S.

This chart alone should do plenty to put to rest the claim that overly generous benefits are the root cause of New Jersey’s pension woes.

The Camden Stimulus

Can more than $600 million worth of tax incentives for huge corporations save a New Jersey town when nothing else has worked?

Chris Christie’s Latest Camden Giveaways Deserve As Much Skepticism as the 76ers Deal

This year, $614 million dollars in tax credits have been awarded to a variety of companies in a successful attempt to lure them into setting up shop in Camden.

Camden-Bound Companies Set to Receive $630 Million in State Tax Breaks

$630 million. That is the approximate amount in state corporate tax breaks given in just the past six months by the New Jersey Economic Development Authority (EDA) to companies as an incentive to move — or maintain — their operations within Camden.

Subaru Would Get Local Tax Break in Camden

Subaru of America, already approved for state tax breaks at a proposed Camden headquarters, is also in line for local tax relief.

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