Senior Tax Credit Proposal Falls Short of Helping Seniors With the Lowest Incomes

The Biggest Threat to Whales is the Climate Crisis, Not Offshore Wind

Labor Unions, Policy Experts, and Racial Justice Organizations Oppose Corporate Tax Loophole Bill

Rutgers Faculty Deserve to be Respected and Fairly Compensated

Police Killing of Najee Seabrooks is the Result of a Systemic Policy Failure

Governor’s Budget Proposal Rests on Shaky Foundation With Corporate Tax Cuts

Workers and Advocates Urge Lawmakers to Stop the Corporate Millionaires Tax Cut

Assemblywoman Reynolds-Jackson Introduces Child Tax Credit Expansion Bill

Unions, Advocates, and Policy Experts Urge Lawmakers to Say No to Corporate Tax Cuts

Letting the Corporate Business Tax Surcharge Expire Will Give a Huge Tax Cut to the Most Profitable Businesses

Opportunity for All is Not Possible With a Tax Code Rigged for the Few

Less Than 1% of New Jerseyans Hold Over $746 Billion in Wealth

New Jersey Policy Perspective Celebrates 25th Anniversary, Honors Progressive Champions

New Internal Affairs Dashboard is a Historic Step Towards Police Transparency

Biden Student Debt Proposal Will Help New Jersey Families But Needs to Go Farther for Maximum Relief

More Transparency Needed in American Rescue Plan Funding Process

New Jersey Policy Perspective Expands Into Transportation and Environmental Policy, Adds New Analyst

Backroom Budget Deals Hurt Residents Who Need Help The Most

New State Budget is a Missed Opportunity to Make New Jersey Affordable for All

Roe v. Wade Decision Will Deny Millions of People the Freedom to Control Their Own Bodies

Sales Tax Holiday is a Gimmick That Will Not Make New Jersey Affordable

New ANCHOR Proposal is a Big Improvement, But More Needs to Be Done For Low-Income Families

Nicole Rodriguez Named President of New Jersey Policy Perspective

New Jersey’s Budget Surplus Presents an Opportunity — and Obligation — to Help All Residents Recover From the Pandemic

Striking Down Roe v. Wade is a Denial of Human Rights and Basic Freedom

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