Sheila Reynertson

reynertson website 200x200Sheila Reynertson, Senior Policy Analyst, focuses on budget and tax issues with an emphasis on advocating for state fiscal policies that benefit working families of New Jersey.

Sheila’s research interests include: budget planning, corporate taxation, progressive taxation policy, supportive work/family policies and women’s economic empowerment.

Before joining NJPP in October 2014, Sheila worked as an advocacy coordinator at MergerWatch, a national women’s health advocacy organization. Previously, Sheila worked in the health care sector as a private childbirth coach in New York City. She currently serves as President of the Board of Health in Hopewell.

Email: sheila (at) | Phone: 609-393-1145 ext. 12


Improving New Jersey’s Budget Process Would Make the State More Financially Sound

This afternoon the Senate approved a landmark bill to improve budget-making in New Jersey by bringing more clarity, collaboration and planning to the process. The bill now goes to Gov. Christie’s desk for his signature.

Fast Facts: New Jersey’s Average Home Values Are Well Below Estate Tax Threshold

The claim that New Jersey’s estate tax affects anything close to most middle-class households isn’t borne out by the facts.

Op-Ed: Three Ways to Start to Tackle the Property Tax Dilemma

Hollow promises are one thing. Plans for action are another. While there is no simple, one-step fix to New Jersey’s property tax dilemma, here are three ways we can put the state back on the right course.

Once Again, It’s a Tale of Two Budgets in New Jersey

These budgets, of course, are more than dollars and sense – they represent two distinct visions for New Jersey’s future.

Issue Brief: Claims that a ‘Millionaire’s Tax’ Hurts Small Business Miss the Mark

Very few residents who use “pass-through” accounting to claim business income on their personal income taxes would pay more if personal income taxes were increased on income of $500,000 or more.