Mark Weber

Mark Weber, Ph.D., is the Special Analyst for Education Policy at the New Jersey Policy Perspective. He is also a full-time public-school teacher in Warren Township (where he won the Governor’s Award for Excellence in Education in 2018), and a lecturer at Rutgers University in public school finance. Weber is the author of numerous academic papers on education policy, as well as many policy briefs published by the National Education Policy Center, the Albert Shanker Institute, the Education Law Center, the New Jersey Education Policy Forum, and others. Weber holds a PhD from Rutgers University in Education Theory, Organization, and Policy.

No Matter What You Call Them, Private School Vouchers Are Bad for New Jersey

New proposal would create New Jersey’s first-ever private school voucher program, funneling public tax dollars to private schools.

Unlocking Academic Success: Revitalizing New Jersey’s School Funding Formula for Student Achievement

New Jersey's school funding formula has not kept up with new, more rigorous learning standards and outcome goals for students.

Red Flags Amid a Sea of Green: Breaking Down New Jersey’s FY 2024 Budget

Lawmakers missed a historic opportunity to fix New Jersey's finances by prioritizing short-sighted tax cuts in the new state budget.

New Jersey’s Black Students Suffer a Decline in Access to School Mental Health Staff

Over the past decade, access to mental health staff for Black students decreased, while white students’ access increased.

New Jersey’s Teacher Pipeline: The Decline in Teacher Candidates Continues

Unless lawmakers act to address New Jersey's teacher shortage, there will not be enough qualified candidates to replace teachers leaving the profession.

Breaking Down Governor Murphy’s FY 2023 Budget Proposal

State lawmakers have a big opportunity to make New Jersey affordable for all thanks to stronger than expected tax collections.

New Jersey School Funding: The Higher the Goals, the Higher the Costs

New Jersey’s school funding formula needs to be recalibrated to meet today’s more rigorous standards so all students can succeed.

Separate and Unequal: Racial and Ethnic Segregation and the Case for School Funding Reparations in New Jersey

Many Black and Latinx/Hispanic students in New Jersey aren’t given the resources they need to ensure equal educational opportunity.

The Consequences of School Underfunding

Inadequately funded schools have fewer experienced teachers and fewer curricular offerings.

Camden Sheds Black Teachers at a Uniquely High Rate

Charter school growth accounts for changes in teacher race; other cities with large charter sectors have not seen as dramatic a shift.
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