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NJPP: State Health Exchange a Win for Working Families

Creation of state health exchange is great news for residents who have been struggling to afford their health insurance.

Published on Mar 22, 2019 in Health

In response to Governor Murphy’s announcement that the State of New Jersey will establish a state-based health care exchange for the year 2021, NJPP Health Policy Director Raymond Castro praised the decision, calling it a win for working families. See below for a complete statement:


“This is great news for residents who have been struggling to afford their health insurance. It will allow the state the flexibility to provide even better assistance to working New Jerseyans. States with their own exchanges are exploring and implementing innovative ways to reduce premiums and cost sharing for all income levels, with some states even allowing individuals who are not eligible for federal subsidies to purchase plans at much lower rates. These actions, combined with better outreach, will reduce  premiums in the individual marketplace by encouraging healthier New Jerseyans to participate in the Exchange. It should also reverse this year’s decrease in enrollment in the Exchange (from 265,000 to 240,000).

“Remarkably, the state Exchange can be established without additional state funds since insurer fees that otherwise would go to the federal government will stay in New Jersey, where they can be better used to meet the state’s unique needs.

“We also welcome Governor Murphy’s proposal to codify all of the ACA’s major consumer protections in state law. This will ensure that no matter what the Trump administration or Congress does, New Jerseyans will be protected with quality, affordable insurance.”

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