In order to make New Jersey a better, fairer place to live, work and do business, NJPP currently focuses its work in three broad issue categories: Budget and Tax Policy, Economic Opportunity and Health Care.

Budget and Tax Policy

State budgets are more than just numbers and line items, and state tax policies are about more than just tables and rates; they are both reflections of a state’s priorities. NJPP’s budget and tax policy work aims to ensure adequate investment in the assets that help grow a strong state economy and widespread prosperity, as well as in the essential services that all residents – particularly those who are disadvantaged – need. It also aims to raise the funds required to make those investments through a tax structure that is as fair and equitable as possible.

The latest: 

For the Many NJ: State Budget Doubles Down on Austerity, Harming Families Hit Hardest by Pandemic

This budget proposal, and the process through which it was developed, is an insult to the taxpayers of New Jersey.

NJPP: Budget Bill is a Mockery of the Legislative Process

This budget was written in secrecy with zero public hearings and zero opportunities for public comment.

Economic Opportunity

All New Jerseyans – regardless of the circumstances they are born into or currently find themselves in – should have opportunities to succeed financially. NJPP’s work in this area focuses on improving opportunities for low- and moderate-income residents and families, and rebuilding the state’s middle class, and encompasses everything from raising the minimum wage to better integrating the state’s immigration population.

The latest: 

Unemployment Insurance Taxes Paid by Undocumented Workers Top $1 Billion

Since 2010, undocumented workers in New Jersey have contributed more than $1.36 billion in unemployment insurance taxes, but have not received any unemployment relief.

Fact Sheet: Strengthen and Expand New Jersey's Earned Sick Days Law

Expanding New Jersey's Earned Sick Days law will help meet workers’ needs during the COVID19 crisis and beyond.

Health Care

Access to affordable, high-quality health care is essential for all New Jerseyans. This is both an economic issue and a public health issue, and NJPP’s work in this area focuses on access to health care for low-income residents, affordability of health care for all residents and businesses, and the rights of consumers.

The latest:

Promoting Equal Opportunities for Children Living in Poverty

Far fewer families living in poverty receive cash assistance today than when Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) was established in 1996.

NJPP: Trump Budget Proposes Devastating Cuts to Health and Social Programs

President Trump’s budget cuts would be catastrophic for New Jersey.