NJPP: New Jersey Takes Major Step to Codify ACA Protections

Earlier today, the New Jersey Senate passed a package of bills to codify core provisions of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) in state law. Should a federal court strike down the ACA, these protections would remain in place if signed into law by Governor Murphy. In response to the passage of these bills, New Jersey Policy Perspective (NJPP) releases the following statement.

Raymond Castro, Health Policy Director, NJPP:

“With the passage of these bills, New Jersey is solidifying its place as a national leader in protecting the health coverage of its residents. If signed by Governor Murphy, key provisions of the ACA will stay in place should a federal court strike down the landmark health care law. Most of these protections — such as prohibiting insurers from denying coverage for preexisting conditions, requiring essential benefits, providing free preventive services, and allowing parents to keep their dependents on their plan until age 26 — have been in effect for six years; it is hard to imagine a health care system without them.

“These bills, however, do not remedy the biggest problem New Jersey would face if the federal courts overturn the ACA: the loss of billions of federal dollars that are essential to provide Medicaid expansion coverage to a half-million New Jerseyans and keep premiums in the individual market affordable for another 300,000 adults and children. To avoid such a catastrophe, the state’s congressional delegation must continue to fight back against the Trump administration’s sabotage of the ACA.”

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