Gordon MacInnes

Gordon MacInnes served as the President of NJPP from 2012 to 2018, leading the organization’s efforts to advance economic justice and shared prosperity in the Garden State. Having stepped down as NJPP's chief executive at the end of 2018, Gordon remains with the organization as a Senior Distinguished Fellow to continue researching New Jersey's early education system. Gordon’s research interests include: state finances, sound investments in economic assets, education and immigration. Before joining NJPP in April 2012, Gordon had a long track record of success in New Jersey’s worlds of policy, nonprofits, and politics. He has served in both the Assembly and the Senate; led New Jersey Network, the Fund for New Jersey, and Citizens for Better Schools; and served as assistant education commissioner from 2002 to 2007. He was a long-time fellow at The Century Foundation. Gordon, a graduate of Occidental College and of the Woodrow Wilson School of Princeton University, is also a trustee of Occidental College and a former member of the Rutgers Board of Governors.

Sales Tax Cut Would Decimate Essential Services and Investments

A cut of this magnitude would blow a lethal hole in an already sinking ship.

It’s July 1 and There’s No Transportation Funding Fix. What’s Next?

New Jersey's leaders should abandon cries for fictional “tax fairness” and demonstrate that they want to invest sensibly in New Jersey’s future.

Shorter-Term TTF Plan + Much Larger Tax Cut = Bad News for New Jersey’s Future

This bill will have far-reaching negative effects on the state's ability to pay for essential services, contractual obligations and key investments.

‘Reckless’ Transportation Funding Plan Perverts Notion of Tax Fairness

Proposals ignore New Jersey’s perilous financial situation and instead propose to accelerate its steady downward slide - all in order to deliver big tax cuts to the state's wealthiest.

Tying Transportation Funding Fix to Estate Tax Elimination is Reckless

At a time when New Jersey can’t even meet its constitutional and moral obligations, let alone make investments critical to our future, our legislative leaders are choosing to dig our financial hole even deeper.

Increasing the EITC to 40 Percent Would Boost Working Families & Create True ‘Tax Fairness’

If you want tax fairness, the EITC is the most efficient and effective way to help fix a tax structure that is out of balance.

What’s the Rush? Critical Information is Missing on Casino Expansion Push

Here we go again: another hasty proposal to convince legislators and the public that more gambling will painlessly create jobs, grow the economy and enrich the state’s coffers.

Still No Answers to Key Questions on Casino Expansion

Given New Jersey’s track record with gambling – one of big promises, a lack of delivery on those promises and little long-term economic benefit – one would think there’d be more caution and skepticism about expanding casinos to North Jersey.

There Are Too Many Unanswered Questions on Casino Expansion

The stated rationale for expanding casinos to North Jersey is that this will save Atlantic City, generate thousands of new jobs and create millions if not billions in new economic activity. Hefty promises, all.