Gordon MacInnes

Gordon MacInnes served as the President of NJPP from 2012 to 2018, leading the organization’s efforts to advance economic justice and shared prosperity in the Garden State. Having stepped down as NJPP's chief executive at the end of 2018, Gordon remains with the organization as a Senior Distinguished Fellow to continue researching New Jersey's early education system. Gordon’s research interests include: state finances, sound investments in economic assets, education and immigration. Before joining NJPP in April 2012, Gordon had a long track record of success in New Jersey’s worlds of policy, nonprofits, and politics. He has served in both the Assembly and the Senate; led New Jersey Network, the Fund for New Jersey, and Citizens for Better Schools; and served as assistant education commissioner from 2002 to 2007. He was a long-time fellow at The Century Foundation. Gordon, a graduate of Occidental College and of the Woodrow Wilson School of Princeton University, is also a trustee of Occidental College and a former member of the Rutgers Board of Governors.

Early Education Matters: Connecting High-Quality Pre-K to K-3 Classrooms

The benefits of pre-K programs can disappear if they are not connected to equally high-quality instruction in the K-3 years.

Two ways legislative leaders should target the wealthy

This op-ed appeared in the June 18, 2018 edition of the Star Ledger.  The drama over next year’s budget is intensifying. On the heels of an administration that delivered over $10 billion in tax cuts to the wealthiest among us — at the expense of essential investments in [...]

Revenue Certification Reform is Long Overdue

Testimony by NJPP President Gordon MacInnes in support of SCR-132.

Budget Deal: Here’s What You Need to Know

The fiscal year 2019 budget makes important, new investments in New Jersey's future.

Revisiting the Notorious Nine: Key Decisions That Sent New Jersey’s Financial Health Spiraling

Continuing to make the mistakes of the past will only further harm New Jersey’s economic future

Op-Ed: Tax Law Requires More Than ‘SALT Cap’ Workarounds

The new law opens doors to even greater concentration of wealth and will likely lead to to deep cuts to public services.

Op-Ed: Tax Law Requires More Than 'SALT Cap' Workarounds

The new law opens doors to even greater concentration of wealth and will likely lead to to deep cuts to public services.

Investing in New Jersey’s Future Will Require New Revenues

Critical investments in public assets won’t happen without more public income.

Vote ‘Yes’ on Ballot Question 1

On November 7, you can help update and modernize the state’s public libraries.

To Attract Amazon, New Jersey Needs Public Investments

Focusing on bigger and more dangerous tax breaks alone won’t work. Here's why.