Shorter-Term TTF Plan + Much Larger Tax Cut = Bad News for New Jersey’s Future

This bill will have far-reaching negative effects on the state’s ability to pay for essential services, contractual obligations and key investments.

Op-Ed Q&A: Will Killing Estate Tax Raise All Boats?

Pairing a tax increase that will be most felt by working-class and low-income New Jerseyans with a major tax cut that will deliver all of its benefit to the state’s wealthiest heirs isn’t tax fairness at all.


Op-Ed: Supreme Court’s Immigration Decision Is a Step Backward for N.J. and U.S.

More than 200,000 New Jerseyans will suffer from the court’s tie vote, and all of us will lose out on the economic benefits as a result.

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Crucial Cash Assistance Improvements for Struggling Families Move Forward

Never in the last three decades have we gotten this close to actually doing something about the alarming problem of deep child poverty in New Jersey.


Estate Tax Elimination Would Put New Jersey Out of Step with Most of Our Neighbors

Instead of raising the threshold to help relieve “smaller estates,” lawmakers seem determined to give away the farm – making New Jersey an outlier in the most damaging way.