Budget Planning

Don’t Forget to Fix New Jersey’s Shrinking Rainy Day Fund

Projected end-year surplus can fund just five days of government operation.

Op-Ed: Christie’s Veto Keeps State’s Revenue Projection in an Avoidable Rut

Bill included three common-sense components that would have improved budget process and potentially boosted our standing with credit-ratings agencies.

Improving New Jersey’s Budget Process Would Make the State More Financially Sound

This afternoon the Senate approved a landmark bill to improve budget-making in New Jersey by bringing more clarity, collaboration and planning to the process. The bill now goes to Gov. Christie’s desk for his signature.

Assembly Speaker, Legislators & Policy Experts: Better Budget Planning Would Help New Jersey

The Assembly and a key Senate committee have approved legislation designed to improve New Jersey’s budget process, but the full Senate must act on the bill for it to move forward.

Proposal Would Bring More Clarity, Collaboration and Planning to Budget Process

This piece of legislation will not make New Jersey’s process perfect but it is an enormous step in the right direction – a step towards clarity, transparency, collaboration, advance planning, good governance and true fiscal discipline.