Friday Facts and Figures

A weekly newsletter focusing on data points from NJPP reports, research, and policy debates in New Jersey and beyond.

Friday Facts and Figures: March 1, 2019

Sale of tax credits on the rise; income tax collections coming up short.

Friday Facts and Figures: February 22, 2019

Financial aid now reality for undocumented students. Paid family leave expansion signed into law.

Friday Facts and Figures: February 15, 2019

Amazon pulls out of NYC, and they probably pay less in federal taxes than you do.

Friday Facts and Figures: February 8, 2019

New study finds millionaires’ taxes spur critical public investments. Two members of New Jersey’s congressional delegation co-sponsor Green New Deal.

Friday Facts and Figures: January 25, 2019

With inequality on the rise, economists look toward wealth taxes to close the gap.