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Friday Facts and Figures: August 17, 2018

The first installment of Friday Facts and Figures, focusing on data points from NJPP reports and policy debates in New Jersey and beyond.

Published on Aug 16, 2018

Welcome to the first installment of Friday Facts and Figures, a brief weekly newsletter that will focus on data points from NJPP reports, research, and policy debates in New Jersey and beyond.
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The Trump administration’s efforts to undermine the Affordable Care Act (ACA) are resulting in fewer New Jerseyans with health insurance. Enrollment in the state’s individual market decreased by 39,858 in 2018. This is the first decrease in enrollment since the ACA was implemented and wipes out two years of gains. [NJPP / Ray Castro]

15 percent

New Jersey responded to federal attacks on the ACA by implementing a statewide individual mandate and reinsurance pool to stabilize premiums. In 2019, premiums in New Jersey are projected to be 15 percent lower than what they would have been without these reforms.  [ / Lindy Washburn]


Three New Jersey counties – Bergen, Essex, and Hudson – have contracts with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to jail detained immigrants. There are 1,923 immigrants currently being held in these three county jails. [WNYC / Matt Katz]

3 times as likely

Immigrants detained for civil immigration violations are three times as likely to prevail in their court cases when they have legal representation. In the fiscal year 2019 budget, New Jersey allocated $2.1 million for legal representation of low-income immigrants facing deportation. [NJPP / Erika Nava]


Earlier this summer, Massachusetts became the third state in the nation on its way to a $15 minimum wage. The legislation, signed by Republican Governor Charlie Baker, will raise the minimum wage to $15 over five years and is expected to boost the pay of 840,000 low-income workers. [MassBudget / Jeremy Thompson]


Earlier this month, Gordon MacInnes announced that he will be stepping down as President of NJPP. Under Gordon’s leadership NJPP has more than doubled its staff and quadrupled its revenues. Once a successor arrives, Gordon will remain with NJPP as a Distinguished Senior Fellow to research New Jersey’s preschool education system. [NJPP]

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