Honoring the Legacy of Former Board Chair Kathleen Crotty

The Kathleen Crotty Fellowship continues her commitment to policy and mentorship.

Published on Aug 7, 2016

crotty featured-01One year ago today, the staff and Board of New Jersey Policy Perspective joined in sorrow as we learned of the passing of our great friend and Board Chair, Kathleen Crotty.

Kathy was a groundbreaking force in New Jersey public life. She served as the executive director of the state Senate Democratic Office from 1986 until she retired in 2009 – the first woman to lead one of the legislature’s partisan offices. A longtime advocate for women in public office, and a renowned mentor and advocate for people starting careers in public service, Kathy set high standards in recruiting and nurturing the Senate office’s policy staff.

Over the past year, thanks to the generous support of dozens of Kathy’s friends and family, New Jersey Policy Perspective launched the Kathleen Crotty Fellowship in Kathy’s honor.

The 10-week policy Fellowship aims to continue Kathy’s commitment to public policy and her legacy of mentorship, providing an eager graduate student or recent graduate with an intensive summer experience working in New Jersey policy and advocacy, under the guidance of experienced mentors at NJPP.

Today, as we remember Kathy’s many contributions to the world of New Jersey public policy and civic life, we are proud to introduce the first Crotty Fellow, Amy Dunford, a graduate student at the Edward J. Bloustein School of Planning and Public Policy, whose impressive work this summer included an evaluation of the success of New Jersey’s paid family leave insurance program.

For more information on the Crotty Fellowship, or on how you can help to ensure its long-term success, please email me at