Opportunity for All is Not Possible With a Tax Code Rigged for the Few

Governor Murphy's State of the State touted new programs that give families a shot at success, but more is needed to promote opportunity for all.

Published on Jan 10, 2023 in Tax and Budget

Earlier today, Governor Phil Murphy delivered his annual State of the State address. In his remarks, the Governor reflected on the need to create opportunity for all New Jersey residents. In response to the address, New Jersey Policy Perspective (NJPP) released the following statement.

Nicole Rodriguez, President, NJPP:

“Governor Murphy is right to tout new state programs and laws that give working families a shot at success, from the child tax credit to the rising minimum wage. But with one in ten families living in poverty, and many more struggling to keep up with high costs, the state cannot afford to rest on its laurels.

“Opportunity for all requires new, ambitious investments in families who have historically been left behind and need the most help. It requires fully funding our schools, increasing tax credits and safety net programs for those with the lowest incomes, along with sound tax policies to support those programs in the short- and long-term.

“The governor slammed states that hand huge tax cuts to wealthy individuals and mega-corporations, but he was silent on how his administration will make sure New Jersey doesn’t follow that same path. Some legislators are poised to hand over $600 million in tax cuts to the most profitable corporations in the country, including Amazon and Walmart, even if it threatens the fate of the opportunity-building programs the governor highlighted in his address.

“Opportunity for all will not be possible with a tax code that favors a wealthy, select few.”

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