GOP-Trump Tax Plan Hits Many New Jerseyans Hard, Rewards State’s Millionaires

NJPP Charts a Course for Reforming State Income Tax

Leaders Must Address Policy Violence Against People of Color & Poor Communities

Passing the 2018 Budget Must Come First

Trump Budget Would Shift Food Assistance Costs to New Jersey

Dismantling Medicaid Would Harm New Jersey’s Women

Dismantling Medicaid Would Harm New Jersey’s Women

Booker, Pallone, Norcross & NJPP: Raise the Minimum Wage

How to Improve Paid Family Leave in New Jersey

Undocumented Residents Pay $587 Million a Year in NJ Taxes

Repealing the Medicaid Expansion: The Wrong Prescription for New Jersey

Undocumented Workers’ Big Role in New Jersey’s Economy

Dear Congress: It’s Time to Expand the EITC

New Report Dives Deep into Decisions That Sent New Jersey Into Financial and Economic Tailspin

Without Access to State Financial Aid, A College Degree Remains Out of Reach for Many Undocumented New Jerseyans

New Jersey Has Ninth Highest Level of Income Inequality in the Nation – Let’s Not Make it Worse

There’s No ‘Exodus’ of Rich New Jerseyans

In Every County, Very Few New Jerseyans Owe Estate Tax

Marijuana Legalization Could Bring $300 Million in Tax Revenue to New Jersey

Patriotic Millionaires Join NJPP in Applauding Movement on $15 Minimum Wage in New Jersey

Over Three Dozen Leading New Jersey Organizations Ask the Legislature for Small-Business Tax Fairness by Closing Corporate Tax Loopholes

Lawmakers & Advocates: Earned Sick Leave is a Win-Win for New Jersey

Undocumented Immigrants Pay $590 Million in State and Local Taxes; Contributions Would Increase by $77 Million Under Reform

Closing Corporate Loopholes: A Win-Win

Eliminating the Estate Tax: Bad for the Middle Class, Bad for Small Business, Bad for New Jersey

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