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Meet NJPP’s New President, Brandon McKoy

Brandon McKoy is a rising star in a rising generation of policy leaders. Meet the new president of NJPP!

Published on Feb 27, 2019

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Since 1997, New Jersey Policy Perspective has not been afraid to take on powerful interests or be the lone, courageous voice on an issue when it came to supporting New Jersey’s working families.

When governors and legislators — of both parties — played irresponsible fiscal games, gave lavish tax breaks to large multinational corporations, or canceled essential infrastructure projects, we did what we do best: performed research, produced timely reports, and communicated our findings to grassroots advocates and policymakers alike. With each report, we shifted the policy debates in the halls of the State House and expanded the definition of what’s possible.

Today, we continue this proud tradition and continue to shape policy decisions so they benefit the many, and not a chosen few. On behalf of the Board of Trustees, I am thrilled to announce Brandon McKoy as the new President of New Jersey Policy Perspective to lead this effort.

Meet NJPP’s New President, Brandon McKoy.

Brandon McKoy is a Jersey guy through and through, so he understands the importance of investing in the state’s assets and public institutions. He also understands that the best way to build a stronger economy is from the bottom up, and the middle out — not the top down.

During his last five years with NJPP, Brandon has been a leading voice for policies that boost the economic security of New Jersey’s working families. His original research, analysis, and advocacy were critical in the successful fight for a $15 minimum wage, the passage of paid sick days, and major increases in the Earned Income Tax Credit.

These policy victories have and will continue to boost the well-being of millions of New Jersey families.

Simply put, Brandon is a rising star in a rising generation of policy leaders. He has the leadership ability and the strategic vision necessary to tackle the most pressing issues facing New Jersey.

Brandon has already made great strides in expanding NJPP’s reach and influence in Trenton and around the state. I am so excited to see what the future has in store for NJPP with him at the helm.  Please join me and the Board of Trustees in welcoming Brandon McKoy as the new President of NJPP!

Thank you,



Jun Choi
Board of Trustees, NJPP