Press Release

Elected Leaders and Advocates Praise Selection of Brandon McKoy as President of NJPP

Gov. Murphy, legislative leaders, and advocates from across the state react to the news.

Published on Feb 27, 2019

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New Jersey lawmakers, advocates, and policy leaders react to the news that Brandon McKoy will serve as President of New Jersey Policy Perspective.

Governor Phil Murphy:
“I commend NJPP’s Board of Trustees for selecting Brandon McKoy as the next president of one of New Jersey’s premier policy organizations. Brandon always brings sound evidence and facts to guide the policymaking process and has been a trusted resource for lawmakers and my administration as we build a stronger and fairer New Jersey.

“I was fortunate to have Brandon serve on my transition team and have a deep appreciation for his commitment to furthering economic justice and showing us the possibilities of what can be achieved through sound public policy. I hold Brandon in the highest regard and am excited to see what he accomplishes in his new role at NJPP.”

Senate President Steve Sweeney:
“Brandon is an influential voice on public policy who is well respected in Trenton and around the State.  Brandon was instrumental in the development and enactment of our landmark $15 minimum wage law.  I extend to him my heartfelt congratulations on being named President, and I look forward to continuing to work with him and NJPP.”

Assembly Speaker Craig Coughlin:
“Brandon McKoy holds a wealth of knowledge and experience in public policy and economic affairs. His appointment as President of NJPP will only help to ensure middle and working class residents of our state achieve economic prosperity and I look forward to continuing our work together for all New Jerseyans.”

Representative Bonnie Watson Coleman:
“Brandon represents the next generation of progressive leaders in New Jersey, and I am thrilled to see him lead an organization that was first established to promote the kinds of policies that will move every community forward together. He is smart, talented, capable and will continue NJPP’s legacy of fighting for working people in New Jersey.

“Brandon is a role model for young people of color, at the helm of a statewide organization, and his seat at the table will ensure that the voices of minorities and underserved communities are well-represented. I look forward to continuing to work on implementing our shared values through progressive policy in New Jersey and beyond.”

Gordon MacInnes, Former President of NJPP:
“Brandon brings what’s required to lead NJPP: he’s respected by our allies, the press, legislative and executive branch leaders, our donors and his colleagues and trustees. His judgment, knowledge and clarity of expression makes him a particularly wise choice.”

Jon Shure, Trustee and Founding President of NJPP:
“We’ve placed NJPP’s reputation for common-sense solutions that help New Jerseyans thrive in the most capable hands. The need for new ideas and powerful collaboration is stronger than ever. Brandon’s passion for justice, devotion to facts, and proven leadership make him the right choice at a crucial moment for our state’s future.”

Nicholas Johnson, Senior Vice President for State Fiscal Policy at the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities:
“Brandon’s work at New Jersey Policy Perspective has already garnered national attention for its thoughtful analysis and for the positive changes it has brought about. He loves New Jersey so deeply, and he has such a powerful passion for making New Jersey a place where everyone can thrive. As NJPP’s leader, he will be inspiring and impactful.”

Analilia Mejia, Executive Director, New Jersey Working Families Alliance:
“Activists and elected leaders alike should welcome the news that Brandon McKoy has been selected as the new president of NJPP with relish. Brandon is a meticulous thought leader whose understanding of critical issues and complex systems is only superseded by his ability to make the complicated accessible to all. Without a doubt, NJPP will enter a dynamic and even more impactful phase under his leadership.<”

Ryan P. Haygood, President and CEO of the New Jersey Institute for Social Justice:
“We commend NJPP’s wise decision to select Brandon as the next leader of the organization. This is a critical time in New Jersey, a state in which incredible wealth exists alongside punishing poverty. The median net worth of New Jersey’s white families is $303,396—the highest in America. But by contrast, the median net worth for New Jersey’s Latino and Black families was $7,200 and $5,900, respectively, during the last year that comparable data was available.

“We need strong leadership in the fight for economic justice—the kind that Brandon displayed in the recent successful passage of a $15 minimum wage in New Jersey. We are excited to continue to partner with NJPP, now under Brandon’s leadership, to build systems that connect marginalized people in New Jersey to the prosperity in the state.”

Sara Culliane, Executive Director of Make the Road – New Jersey:
“On behalf of the members of Make the Road New Jersey, we congratulate Brandon McKoy on being named President of the New Jersey Policy Perspective. Brandon already has an impressive track record in New Jersey, having played a leading role in in the campaign to raise the minimum wage to $15, fighting against corporate giveaways and for tax fairness. His vision for a more fair and equitable New Jersey, and his uncanny ability to make complex economic ideas accessible to the rest of us make him a fierce advocate for working people in New Jersey and invaluable to our progressive movement.”

Johanna Calle, Executive Director, New Jersey Alliance for Immigrant Justice:
“New Jersey Policy Perspective has been a strong partner of the New Jersey Alliance for Immigrant Justice in our fight for pro-immigrant policies that benefit the whole state. As someone who represents the diversity of our New Jersey, Brandon’s leadership and vision will be key to ensuring that advocacy in our state is reflective of our communities. We look forward to this continued partnership in the fight for justice for all New Jerseyans.”

Katie Brennan, Chapter Director, New Leaders Council – New Jersey:
“New Leaders Council is proud to see one of our own, a young man of color, running a statewide policy organization. In his time as Deputy Director of NLC-NJ, Brandon brought our organization to new frontiers and we’re eager to see him do the same for NJPP and the state of New Jersey.”

Rev. Dr. Charles Boyer, Executive Director of Salvation and Social Justice
“Brandon McKoy is a trusted source of in-depth policy knowledge and strategy for New Jersey’s social and racial justice advocates. I am extremely encouraged that Brandon has been selected to be NJPP’s new president. His ascension marks a bright future for progressive and moral leaders across the state.”

Amol Sinha, Executive Director, Americans for Civil Liberties of New Jersey:
“We’re proud of the progress we’ve made working in collaboration with New Jersey Policy Perspective over the years. Brandon has already established himself as one of the sharpest policy minds in our state, and we’re excited to continue working with NJPP under his forward-looking leadership.”

Renee Koubiadis, Executive Director, Anti-Poverty Network of NJ:
“The Anti-Poverty Network (APN) of New Jersey is excited to welcome Brandon McKoy as the next President of New Jersey Policy Perspective (NJPP). We have worked closely with NJPP and Brandon as members of our network to make sure that low-income New Jerseysans gain access to basic needs and can thrive as part of a growing state economy. APN looks forward to great work ahead with NJPP under Brandon’s leadership to improve the lives of our state’s most vulnerable.”

Kiki Jamieson, President, Fund for New Jersey:
“Having worked with Brandon I can attest to his deep commitment to building an economy that works for all New Jerseyans.”

Rev. Eric Dobson, Outreach Director, Fair Share Housing Center:
“Brandon is one of the leading policy experts in New Jersey. NJPP will be in good hands with Brandon providing direction, insight and expertise for an organization that has had some of New Jersey’s brightest minds at its helm. Brandon has already been a tremendous asset to NJPP, and the state as a whole, and I have no doubt that will continue as he takes on this leadership role.”

Phyllis Salowe-Kaye, Executive Director, New Jersey Citizen Action:
“New Jersey Citizen Action has been working in partnership with NJPP since its inception. We are thrilled that Brandon McCoy has been selected to serve as president and look forward to continuing our very productive relationship with such an important “think-and-do-tank.” Since 1997 we have collaborated on many important campaigns with NJPP and look forward to working with Brandon as he guides the organization to bring progressive policy changes to better the lives of all New Jerseyans.”