New Jersey Lawmakers Look to Offset Federal Tax Changes

Steve Sweeney Proposes Tax Hike on New Jersey Corporations

Senate President Stephen Sweeney proposes tax increase on corporations to boost school funding

Sweeney proposes tax on $1M-plus corporations

Where will Amazon locate HQ2? Pick your rumor.

NJPP advocates restoring individual mandate

Sweeney’s alternative to millionaire’s tax: Raise corporate taxes

As Trump ends Obamacare individual mandate, N.J.’s stepping in to reinstate it

NJ can help small business sidestep big federal tax hit, senators say

Op-Ed: Your neighbor may be among N.J.’s hungry. We can solve this crisis

Opening Another Front in NJ’s War Against Hunger and Homelessness

Fighting to limit out-of-network charges, more on N.J. health legislation

State Efforts to Bring Back Obamacare’s Individual Mandate Stall

Editorial: Giving all N.J. workers paid sick days is a healthy solution

New Jersey Senate Advances SALT Workaround Bill

Can Advocates Sell a $15/Hour Minimum Wage to New Jersey?

Why is Newark keeping details of $7B Amazon bid secret?

Video: Raise taxes to fund governor’s budget priorities

NJPP: $15 minimum wage would benefit 1 million-plus in state

Higher Minimum Wage In NJ Would Help Economy, Not Hurt It: Study

Healthcare in New Jersey heading toward a zombie apocalypse. Part II: Our government fights back

Group Argues for Applying Sales Tax to Far More Services in New Jersey

Report says increase, expand NJ sales tax

New Jersey Should Modernize Sales Tax for 21st Century, Report Says

Some NJ legislators want municipalities to be allowed to form charities to accept donations in lieu of tax payments

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