Progressives renew call for tax incentive reform – New Jersey Globe

NJPP: How NJ can improve its corporate tax incentives

NJPP report offers 10 ways lawmakers could reform N.J.’s tax incentives

NJ Stands with Children, Protests Splitting Up Immigrant Families at Border

Approaching the budget Rubicon, Murphy takes his stand

Should N.J. taxpayers pay for lawyers for immigrants facing deportation? Here’s what a report says.

Welcome to Trenton: Murphy, the adult in the room, is pelted with budget gimmicks

Two ways legislative leaders should target the wealthy

This op-ed appeared in the June 18, 2018 edition of the Star Ledger.  The drama over next year’s budget is intensifying. On the heels of an administration that delivered over $10 billion in tax cuts to the wealthiest among us — at the expense of essential investments in [...]

Here’s how much you need to earn in N.J. to afford a 2-bedroom apartment

New Jersey Wants to Take a Claim in the Innovation Economy

How casino gambling affected Atlantic City businesses

40 years later, was A.C.’s casino gamble worth it?

N.J. patients, leaders feel ‘betrayed’ at government’s target on pre-existing conditions

Board approves $82 million subsidy for 76ers practice space in Camden

EHT tax breaks good for business, but residents unsure of benefits

Editorial: A layer of protection against surprise medical bills

Phil Murphy Signs Law to Combat Surprise Medical Bills

Surprise medical bills could end under New Jersey law signed by Gov. Phil Murphy

N.J. just took a big step to spare you from those costly surprise out-of-network medical bills

Murphy Signs Law to Create NJ’s Own Health Insurance Mandate

Advocates embark on 300-mile NJ walk supporting licenses for undocumented immigrants

Phil Murphy reinstates Obamacare mandate for ’19

New Jersey to Become 2nd State With Individual Health Insurance Mandate

State groups laud health insurance laws

Could Accelerated Drop in Revenue Lead to Reinstating NJ Estate Tax?

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