Too Sweet a Deal for Goya?

From Baristanet, October 25, 2011:

Ever been in a bidding war? See reason fly out the window when someone else bids up the object of your desire? Well, according to a blog posted yesterday by New Jersey Policy Perspective, that’s what’s going on in New Jersey’s $80 million bid to keep Goya Foods in the state by offering a tax subsidy for a new headquarters/distribution facility in Jersey City. New York, which is also competing for Goya’s affections, wants Goya to build in Suffern, NY instead.

The Montclair-based news website points out that there is more to the picture than just Goya, pointing to the “spate of subsidies granted by the Economic Development Authority, including $102 million to Panasonic, $350 million to Xanadu and $261 million to Rebel Casino in Atlantic City.”

NJPP president Deborah Howlett tells Baristanet that the subsidies show the state’s misguided priorities.

“The issue policy-wise is whether the state is spending the money wisely,” she says.

“That’s a tremendous amount of money for the state to invest,” Howlett says, especially when budgets for schools, libraries, police and parks are being cut. “It’s a choice of corporations over people.”