Professors at Richard Stockton College and Rowan University Rally Against Contract Changes

From the Press of Atlantic City, October 17, 2011:

Faculty and staff from Richard Stockton College and Rowan University joined Monday in a statewide campaign to raise awareness of what they say are unfair and illegal labor practices by the state as they work toward a new contract that also could mean no raises for four years.

The Press cites NJPP research director Mary Forsberg’s 2010 update to her 2006 report on higher-education funding, Flunking Out: New Jersey’s Support for Higher Education Falls Short.

Former union president and art professor Michael McGarvey said Gov. Chris Christie and previous governors try to blame employee salaries and benefits for tuition increases when a major reason has been the state steadily reducing its share of aid to the colleges.

A New Jersey Policy Perspective report shows that state support of college budgets has been shrinking steadily over the last 20 years. In 1990, state aid covered about 58 percent of college-operating budgets. By 2000, that had dropped to 34 percent. This year, state aid makes up less than 20 percent of direct college-operating costs.