President’s Blocked Actions on Immigration Worth $12B to NJ, Report Affirms

From NJ Spotlight, July 10, 2015:

New Jersey’s economy would enjoy a $12 billion boost over the next decade and add 1,500 new jobs a year from executive actions on immigration issued by President Barack Obama that are currently being held up in federal court, according to a new report issued by a liberal New Jersey think tank.

If Obama’s immigration orders are ultimately allowed to stand, the report released yesterday by New Jersey Policy Perspective, based in Trenton, said the state economy stands to benefit greatly.

Nearly half of the state’s 477,000 undocumented residents would be affected by Obama’s actions, including 146,000 undocumented parents of legal residents and 55,000 who were brought here as children, the report said.

They would benefit by becoming more integrated into society, earning higher wages, qualifying for jobs that better match their skills and by being free to open new businesses here.

In all, the executive actions would translate into 1,500 new jobs each year and add nearly $30 million in annual state and local tax revenue to the estimated $613 million a year that undocumented residents already contribute, according to the report. The total boost to New Jersey’s economy — which has struggled in recent years to recover from the most recent recession despite business-tax cuts and other economic-growth initiatives devised by Christie – would be worth $11.9 billion over the next decade.

“These federal actions on immigration are a clear, simple, and important step forward for millions of immigrants across the nation. And as a state with many immigrants, New Jersey clearly has a lot to gain,” said Erika J. Nava, a policy analyst with the think tank and author of the report. “Most importantly, more than 200,000 New Jerseyans would directly benefit and be better integrated into the state’s social and economic fabric.”