NJPP: EDA Whistleblower Suit Describes Corruption, Plain and Simple

In response to a report by WNYC suggesting the Christie administration pressured officials at the New Jersey Economic Development Authority (EDA) to give out fraudulent awards, NJPP releases the following statement calling for a moratorium on EDA awards and a full investigation by the Attorney General:  


“These allegations describe corruption, plain and simple, and taxpayers should be furious. For years, NJPP and advocates for good governance have questioned the overly generous tax subsidies awarded by the Economic Development Authority, but the allegations in this whistleblower lawsuit extend far beyond lax oversight and into fraudulent, and possibly criminal, conduct.

“New Jersey taxpayers deserve to know that decisions are made with their best interests in mind, not what’s best for a few select corporations. We call for a full moratorium on EDA subsidies awarded under the Christie administration and a full investigation of these claims by the New Jersey Attorney General.

“Further, as lawmakers consider renewing the state’s tax subsidy programs, they must pursue broad reforms that have been proposed by NJPP and Governor Murphy, including hard caps on annual and per-job awards, tighter reporting requirements, and targeting awards to emerging industries and home grown businesses.

“Only a full and complete investigation, combined with robust reforms that follow best practices, will enable the state to regain the trust of the public.”

NJPP has long-advocated for reforming the EDA. A full list of possible reforms is included in this 2017 report: It’s Time for New Jersey to Rebalance the Economic-Development Scales