Budget and Tax Policy

Op-Ed: Tax Law Requires More Than ‘SALT Cap’ Workarounds

The new law opens doors to even greater concentration of wealth and will likely lead to to deep cuts to public services.

Deliberate Disinvestment Has Been A Disaster for New Jersey

New Jersey should clean up its tax code and raise new revenues to reinvest in the state.

Investing in New Jersey’s Future Will Require New Revenues

Critical investments in public assets won’t happen without more public income.

Modernizing New Jersey’s Sales Tax Will Level the Playing Field & Help the Economy Thrive

Strengthening New Jersey’s ability to compete in the 21st century economy requires updates to a sales tax code that was designed and implemented before the rise of online shopping and a service-oriented economy.

Op-Ed: How to Counter the GOP Tax Plan with Bold Action

With new federal tax cuts favoring the wealthiest it’s time to make tax changes of our own.