Budget and Tax Policy

NJPP Testimony: Exorbitant EDA Subsidies Ignore Fiscal Realities

Testimony by NJPP’s Sheila Reynertson on New Jersey’s overly generous corporate subsidy programs.

NJPP Statement: Audit of EDA Should Make Taxpayers Furious

New Jersey’s lavish corporate subsidy programs operate with little oversight and no evidence of spurring economic growth.

Opportunity Lost: Consequences and Shortcomings of the Fiscal Year 2019 Budget

This year’s budget falls short in one key area: there are simply not enough stable sources of new revenue to sustain increased investments.

NJPP Testimony: Revenue Certification Reform is Long Overdue

Testimony by NJPP President Gordon MacInnes in support of SCR-132.

Budget Deal: Here’s What You Need to Know

The fiscal year 2019 budget makes important, new investments in New Jersey’s future.