NJPP Statement on Minimum Wage Vote

Below is a statement from NJPP president Gordon MacInnes on the approval of ballot question #2, which will increase New Jersey’s minimum wage.

New Jersey’s voters should be thanked tonight for understanding that the state’s low-wage workers need more than $7.25 an hour to survive in this high-cost state. Increasing New Jersey’s minimum wage will give nearly half a million working New Jerseyans a crucial leg up while pumping hundreds of millions of dollars into the state’s economy.

With the increase, New Jersey becomes the 20th state to establish a minimum wage higher than the federal minimum, and the 11th state to automatically tie future increases to rising costs of living. This will prevent the wage floor’s real value from eroding over time as it has in the past, and it will ensure that New Jersey’s low-wage workers don’t fall even further behind.

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