2013 in Review: Our 10 Most Popular Posts of the Year

The weeks of Christmas and New Year’s can mean only one thing for avid website readers: You’re going to see a lot of Top 10 lists. We figured we’d join in the fun and look back at the 10 most visited reports, briefs or blog posts on NJPP.org in 2013. (For a walk even farther down memory lane, check out the same list from 2012.) Enjoy.

1. The Stimulus New Jersey Needs: Raising the Minimum Wage Would Boost the Economy While Providing Better Opportunies for Hundreds of Thousands of Working New Jerseyans (May 2013)

2. Expanding Medicaid Would Save New Jersey Billions of Dollars (February 2013)

3. Invest in New Jersey: Make Higher Education Affordable Again (May 2013)

4. Issue Brief: It’s Time for Tuition Equity (June 2013)

5. Blog: Governor’s Minimum Wage Decision Toys with the Lives of New Jersey’s Poorest Workers (January 2013)

6. Why Significant, Lasting Property Tax Reform is So Difficult (September 2013)

7. Expanding Medicaid: A Big Boost to New Jersey’s Economy (February 2013)

8. Blog: The Superintendent Salary Cap: Penny-Wise and Pound-Foolish (March 2013)

9. New Jersey’s Subsidy Surge Has Not Subsided (April 2013)

10. Blog: New Jersey Can’t Afford a Public Schools Brain Drain (April 2013)

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