Sarah Stecker


Increased Transparency at the Economic Development Authority

The New Jersey Economic Development Authority (EDA) has improved its public reporting on its website about the state’s major business subsidy programs, NJPP has learned.

New Jersey Offers Goya $80 Million to Create Nine New Jobs

Imagine you are a New Jersey job seeker (one of 418,000 unemployed in the state as of September, 2011, according to the state Department of Labor and Workforce Development) and you read in the news that a firm will be getting a state subsidy to hire 175 new workers. You would be thrilled to see those new job opportunities in the state, right? But, in the case of Goya Foods, Inc., only nine truly new jobs are being created.

We’ve got a situation: NJ taxpayers snookered

People in New Jersey are expressing more outrage over a relatively small, half-million dollar subsidy for a reality show than they are over tens of millions being given to a global corporation simply to shift existing jobs about 27 miles within the state.

Financing the American Dream

Last month, in order to facilitate a deal that the state had already cut, Governor Christie signed a bill significantly expanding two programs that provide tax subsidies for developers, the Economic Redevelopment and Growth grant and the Urban Transit Hub Tax Credit.

A legacy of prosperity

A provision in this year’s budget – one that has gotten little scrutiny headed into the final days of negotiations in Trenton – represents a fairly substantial change to New Jersey’s estate tax laws.