David Rousseau


The Final Tally on Internet Gambling in First Year: 94 Percent Lower Than Initial Estimates

Internet gambling’s first budget year in New Jersey brought the state $10.7 million in revenue, less than 6 percent of the initial estimate of $180 million and even less than the $12 million projected by the Office of Legislative Services in April.

2015 Budget Includes Small but Welcomed Increase in New Jersey’s Surplus

Now that most of the dust has settled from the debate over New Jersey’s 2015 budget, there is a small but positive step to note: the spending plan includes an increase of the state’s surplus to $388 million, $75 million higher than when the budget was first introduced in February.

The Governor’s Veto Pen Targets Some Important Priorities for New Jersey’s Working Families

As anticipated, the governor yesterday vetoed two proposed temporary tax increases, eliminated other revenue changes proposed by the legislature, reduced the pension contribution by 70 percent to $681 million and enacted a $32.5 billion budget with a $388 million surplus for the budget year that begins today.

Legislature’s Budget Plan Would Restore Working-Poor Tax Credit and Preserve SNAP Benefits Through ‘Heat and Eat’ Changes

In addition to making the required pension payments by temporarily increasing the income tax rate on income over $1 million and on all corporate tax filers, the budget proposal making its way through the legislature has a number of laudable differences from the governor’s proposed spending plan

If the 2015 Budget Dance Plays Out as Predicted, Will the Crisis Be Over? Not at All.

With the governor’s veto pen at the ready and the Democrats’ apparent inability to override any gubernatorial vetoes, the outcome of this budget dance may well be preordained.