Alex Ambrose

Alex Ambrose, Policy Analyst, researches policies with a focus on climate justice and transportation.

Prior to NJPP, Alex served as Policy Associate at the Association of NJ Environmental Commissions (ANJEC) and Policy Assistant at New Jersey League of Conservation Voters (NJLCV). In those roles, she worked on policy and legislation to protect clean water, preserve open space, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions with an emphasis on equity. Most recently, she worked to pass plastic pollution legislation including the statewide single-use bag ban.

Alex currently serves as the Chair of Clinton Township Environmental Commission and is pursuing her Master's in Public Administration at Rutgers University. She received her Bachelor of Science in Ecology, Evolution, and Natural Resources from Rutgers University with a minor in Environmental Geomatics.

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Red Flags Amid a Sea of Green: Breaking Down New Jersey’s FY 2024 Budget

Lawmakers missed a historic opportunity to fix New Jersey's finances by prioritizing short-sighted tax cuts in the new state budget.

The Best Response to Congestion Pricing is to Improve and Expand NJ Transit

New Jersey is suing the federal government for approving New York's congestion pricing plan. Commuters would benefit more from fully funding NJ Transit.

NJ Transit Needs Dedicated Funding, Not Service Cuts and Fare Hikes

With a nearly $1 billion budget shortfall on the horizon, NJ Transit needs a dedicated source of funding to prevent fare hikes and service cuts.

The Biggest Threat to Whales is the Climate Crisis, Not Offshore Wind

There is no evidence that offshore wind is harming marine life, but there is evidence that climate is a threat to whales — and everyone in the state.

New Jersey’s FY 2024 Budget Should Prioritize Working Families Over Corporate Interests

Testimony from NJPP Policy Analyst Alex Ambrose to the Senate Budget Committee with recommendations for New Jersey's FY 2024 budget.

Stop the Raids: The Clean Energy Fund Should Fund Clean Energy

Using the Clean Energy Fund for its intended purpose will help New Jersey reach its climate goals while keeping its residents safe and healthy.

New Jersey Must Prepare for the Next Big Storm

Testimony from NJPP Policy Analyst Alex Ambrose in support of strengthening New Jersey's storm resiliency efforts.

Offshore Wind Benefits New Jersey in More Ways Than Meeting Climate Goals

Testimony from NJPP Policy Analyst Alex Ambrose in support of the Ocean Wind 1 offshore wind project to mitigate the effects of climate change.

Affordable for Some: What’s Included and Missing in New Jersey’s FY 2023 Budget

The new state budget creates a Child Tax Credit, but other programs to support working families didn’t make it in.
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