About NJPP

Mission and Background

New Jersey Policy Perspective drives policy change to advance economic justice and prosperity for all New Jerseyans through evidence-based, independent research, analysis and advocacy.

We are a “think-and-do tank:” Once our analysis is done, our communications and outreach teams gets it into the hands of the policymakers, advocates and partners best positioned to use it to improve lives and bolster the state’s economic prospects. Since 1997, NJPP has played an essential role in advancing progressive state policies.

Our efforts reflect these principles:

1) Government has an active role to play in helping people reach their full potential.
2) Public investment and good government practices, along with market strategies, are essential to securing prosperity for all.
3) A strong public sector is the cornerstone of a civil society.

And we have delivered results. NJPP has played a crucial role in advancing the most important progressive state policies since 1997: an expanded Earned Income Tax Credit, increased fiscal transparency, the adoption of Paid Family Leave, tighter accountability for corporate subsidies, statewide Earned Sick Days, and a fairer tax code.


NJPP’s finely honed strategy allows us to fight above our weight, deploying our seven-person staff and leveraging relationships across New Jersey and the country to maximize our impact. We live on our reputation for accurate and reliable analyses, sensible and timely recommendations and nimble responses to changing facts and conditions. Our team of highly qualified analysts and experienced communications strategists work to shape state policy in both proactive and reactive ways:

Research/Analysis: NJPP analyzes state policies affecting all New Jerseyans, with a focus on the state budget, tax policy, economic security and health care issues essential to working families.

Strategic Communications: NJPP frames the public debate, informing and engaging the public, policymakers, the media and advocates with accurate and reliable information and policy messages delivered through reports, issue briefs, blogs, op-eds, letters to the editor, and print and social media.

Close Collaboration with Partners: Within New Jersey, we provide an analytical foundation for the progressive movement, partnering with a range of organizations and providing leadership in key coalitions including the Better Choices coalition, the Anti-Poverty Network, the Time to Care Coalition, New Jersey for Health Care, the New Jersey Alliance for Immigrant Justice and the New Jersey For Transit coalition. Nationally, as a member of the State Priorities Partnership (SPP), we work closely with the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, and participate in the Economic Analysis and Research Network (EARN) of the Economic Policy Institute.

Financial Information

For detailed financial information about NJPP, feel free to download our most recent audit and financial report.

Opportunities and Internships

NJPP does not currently have any opportunities available. Please check back at another time.