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Video: NJPP’s Brandon McKoy Talks Poverty on NJTV

McKoy told NJTV that in order to truly fight poverty, New Jersey’s economy needs to be working well for all in the state – but that won’t happen if the strategy continues to focus on reducing taxes for those who are already doing well.

MacInnes: Business Tax Incentives May Not Deliver the Returns Promised

NJ Policy Perspective President Gordon MacInnes talks about the most recent business tax incentives in New Jersey being offered to JP Morgan Chase and how the program may not be as great for the state as it is for the companies.

Earned Income Tax Credit Process Confusing for Some

New Jersey’s Earned Income Tax Credit is increasing to 30 percent, but many who are eligible for the benefit find the process confusing.

NJ Transit Commuters Concerned About Proposed Fare Hike

Those who get to work using NJ Transit have been expressing concerns at public hearings regarding the proposed 9 percent fare hikes.

Questioning Benefits of Big Business Tax Breaks

A new study has found the tax subsidies granted to major corporations could lead to the state losing $97 million.