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Report: In Every County, Very Few New Jerseyans Owe Estate Tax

In 20 of New Jersey’s 21 counties, fewer than 400 heirs have estates large enough to owe the estate tax in any given year – and in the majority of counties, including every one in the southern part of the state, fewer than 200 heirs owe the tax.

Marijuana Legalization Could Bring $300 Million in Tax Revenue to New Jersey

The first-of-its-kind report in New Jersey is based on the experiences of other states, current information on marijuana users in New Jersey and the surrounding area, current pricing, and the tax structure of other states as they relate to New Jersey’s interests.

Patriotic Millionaires Join NJPP in Applauding Movement on $15 Minimum Wage in New Jersey

Despite the tired old claims lobbed by opponents of fair wages, there is no correlation between raising wages and job losses. That’s why many of the Patriotic Millionaires who are small business owners advocate for raising the wage.

New Jersey’s Deep Cuts to Higher Education Threaten Economic Growth

New Jersey has cut funding for higher education by 23 percent since 2008 when adjusted for inflation, a decrease of more than $2,250 per student and a deeper cut than the national average.

Over Three Dozen Leading New Jersey Organizations Ask the Legislature for Small-Business Tax Fairness by Closing Corporate Tax Loopholes

This letter sends a strong message to New Jersey’s lawmakers: the time to close corporate loopholes is now.